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Image Caption: With Hammer in Hand: A Story of American Craft

An updated Dominy Gallery celebrates celebrates American craft.

As part of its 70th anniversary in 2021, Winterthur will celebrate an American treasure by updating the Dominy Gallery of hand tools, furniture, clocks, business records, and family papers. This collection, on view at Winterthur since 1960, opens a fascinating window into skilled craftwork, trade, and material life in the racially diverse community of East Hampton, Long Island, in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

The lives of the Dominy craftsmen, their families, and those they worked with and for, reveal themselves through the tools, furniture, and other objects preserved in the Dominy Collections. These consist of the nearly complete contents of the woodworking, clock-making, and watch repair shops—including lathes, workbenches, and more than 1,000 hand-tools. They also contain examples of furniture, tall clocks, and extensive shop records and family papers. Together, they tell a more complete story about the practices and roles of skilled craftsmen in pre-industrial America than any other single grouping of artifacts and documents that have survived from this period.

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