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Who can walk at Winterthur?

All visitors are welcome to walk the grounds of Winterthur as long as they are wearing an admission tag or displaying their membership card. We encourage walkers to become Members to enjoy this activity on a daily basis.

Where can I walk at Winterthur?

You are welcome to walk throughout the garden and the wider estate. Winterthur’s roads, garden paths, and mowed trails in meadow and woodland areas are all excellent walkways. In the interest of safety, we ask that you do not explore the barns, houses, outbuildings, or any areas marked “Staff Only.”

When can I walk at Winterthur?

Guests with a current admission ticket can walk the estate during the hours we are open to the public, Monday-Sunday, 10:00 am–5:00 pm. Members can walk every day from dawn to dusk.

Please check the Hours page for current operating hours. Admission tickets are good for two consecutive days.


How can I request a garden trail map?

You can request a garden map at the Visitor Center or download a PDF of the Winterthur Estate Map. The map shows roads and paved paths as well as the locations of restrooms and emergency call boxes on the estate. You are welcome to explore the mowed paths in the meadow and woodland areas.


How many miles of roads, walking paths and trails are there at Winterthur?

There are 10 miles of roads and 25 miles of paths and walking trails.

Do members have special access for walking?

Members receive free general admission every day and are allowed to walk the estate from dawn to dusk. Members may bring a guest to walk by bringing their guest pass to the Visitor Center for admission. Guests are only allowed access when we are open to the public.

Can I picnic at Winterthur?

Yes. Outside food and drink are allowed in the garden. Be sure and use the waste receptacles provided.

What should I do if I get injured?

Please call our Public Safety office at 302.888.4911. There are several emergency call boxes located on the estate (locations are marked on the Winterthur Estate Map).


Can I walk my dog at Winterthur?

Pets are not permitted in the garden, and there are no provisions to temporarily house them during a visit. Please do not leave dogs or cats in your car in the parking lot during warm weather since shade is minimal. Properly identified Service Dogs that provide assistance for visitors with disabilities are permitted.


Can I arrange for a group walk?

Yes. Winterthur offers discounted rates of admission for groups. Please call 800.448.3883 x7029 for additional information.


Can I pick wildflowers, collect mushrooms, collect rocks, etc. at Winterthur?

Please don’t! We ask that you take only photographs and leave only footprints. Help us to maintain the natural habitats at Winterthur so other visitors can enjoy the beauty of our garden, woodlands, meadows, and wetlands. Please do not move or remove any natural or manmade materials from any part of the estate.


What other rules should I be aware of?

Please don’t climb trees, stone walls, or other garden structures. Be aware that there are other guests in the garden and keep noise to a minimum, and please use headphones if you want to listen to music or take a call. Walking and running are allowed, but other recreational activities such as bicycling, rollerblading, kite flying, ball or Frisbee playing, skateboarding, and using scooters are not allowed. Drone photography is not allowed.


Is food available for purchase?

Yes, the Visitor Center Café offers grab and go sandwiches, wraps, and salads; specialty hot foods and paninis; sweet treats and snacks; and coffee, tea, and assorted bottled beverages. You are welcome to bring outside food and non-alcoholic beverages. 



Where can I picnic?

Members and guests can picnic anywhere on the grounds. In the interest of safety, we ask that you do not explore the barns, houses, outbuildings, or any area marked “Staff Only.” Please maintain a distance of 25 yards from all buildings for your safety and for the privacy of our tenants.

You are welcome to walk on the grass and to set up your picnic in the shade of one of our trees. Do not drive to your picnic site. Please walk or take the garden tram.


When can I picnic?

  • Guests can picnic on the estate from dawn to dusk, Monday-Sunday, with the admissions tag
  • Members can picnic every day from dawn to dusk with their Member ID

Is there a limit to the number of people in a picnic group?

The Winterthur Garden is a peaceful and tranquil place. In the interest of keeping disturbance to other guests to a minimum, please limit the size of your picnic group to 15.


What are some great picnic spots on the estate?

Sycamore Hill is a beautiful place to picnic. From the Bristol Summerhouse you can view across the valley to the train station and see the sky reflected in the pond—and there is almost always a breeze.

A beautiful lawn is located behind the Cottage, and you can enjoy the sound of Clenny Run burbling along its stone-lined channel.

For families, the lawn next to Enchanted Woods is close to the children’s garden and to rest rooms. In April and May, the nearby Sundial Garden offers a place for a fragrant, flower-filled stroll.

These are just a few—there are many more wonderful spots at Winterthur to enjoy a picnic.


What should I do with my trash?

Please take your trash with you when you leave. If you must deposit your trash, there are waste receptacles located in Enchanted Woods, near the restrooms, and adjacent to the Museum.

How do I become a Member?

There are several ways you can sign up for membership at Winterthur.

  • Join online.
  • Call us at 800.448.3883 x 7029 and join by phone
  • Stop by our Visitor Center

Already a Member? Visit the membership renewal page to renew today.


Where can I learn more about the benefits of a Winterthur membership?

Please visit our membership page.


When will my Member card arrive?

If you have recently joined Winterthur, please allow 2–4 weeks for the delivery of your membership cards and additional materials. If you would like to visit before then, please stop by the main desk in the Visitor Center and we will be happy to print out your cards.


What should I do if I lose my membership card?

Please email You can also stop by the admissions desk in the Visitor Center to receive a replacement card.


How do I set up my online account?

We recently moved to a new online system. The first time you purchase or make reservations online, you will need to create an account by following these steps:

  • Click here.
  • Click on “Forgot Password?”
  • Enter the email you provided when you purchased your Membership and click “Submit.”
  • Check your inbox and click on the link in the password reset email.
  • Enter and confirm a password.

If you do not have an email on file with us yet or have difficulty logging in, please contact the Membership Office at For help making reservations, call 800.448.3883 or email our Information and Tours Office at


How can I make a reservation?

To receive Member pricing online, go to the log in page and then visit this page to find the event, tour, or lecture you are looking for. Once you find the event, add it to your cart and complete the check-out process. You can also contact our Information and Tours Office at 800.448.3883 or email


Do I need to be a Member to visit?

Guests to Winterthur must purchase a ticket if they are not a current Member.  Purchase tickets or consider becoming a Member today Winterthur Members enjoy unlimited free general admission and daily dawn-to-dusk access to the estate. Also included are introductory house tours, the seasonal Yuletide tour, garden tram tours, Member days, discounts, and much more.


Where can I update my new email or mailing address?

To confirm or change your contact details or view membership details, please log in to your account and go to: Or email your updates and changes to We appreciate you keeping us up to date with your contact information!


How can I redeem my guest passes?

For physical passes: Ask your guests to fill out their name and address on their guest pass and present them to a Visitor Service Associate at the Visitor Center. Members do not need to be present. Passes with an expiration date in the past will not be honored. Reservations for these passes cannot be made online. If a reservation is needed, please contact our Information and Tours Office at 800.448.3883 x7029.

For digital guest passes: All Members joining or renewing after February 8, 2022, will receive digital guest passes. Once your Member login is set up, (see “How do I set up my online account?” for steps), you can go here to view how many digital passes you have available.  As with physical passes, a Member does not need to be present; however, an online reservation for the guest must be made by the Member. Once you are logged in, you will be able to use one or more of your guest passes to book a General Admission ticket on the events page. Once a reservation is made, a confirmation of the reservation will be emailed to the Member and the confirmation can then be forwarded to your guest. 


I recently joined/renewed and received digital guest passes, can I opt for physical guest passes instead?

Physical Guest Passes will no longer be printed, therefore Members cannot opt in for physical guest passes. We want to create an easy system for our Members to manage and track their benefits, including guest passes. Physical guest passes cannot be replaced when lost, but digital guest passes can be easily tracked by our Members and membership staff alike.  For help making reservations using a digital guest pass, please call us at 800.448.3883 x7029 or email


Can I use my guest passes for special events in addition to general admission?

Members are welcome to use their guest passes to bring guests along to select Member-only events. When guests are permitted, this offer will be noted in the event’s description. If you are unsure whether guests are permitted, please contact the Membership office or reservations line.


When do my guest passes expire?

Your digital guest passes are active for the duration of your membership. Passes cannot be rolled over, once you renew or rejoin, digital guest passes for your current membership year will be added into your account. If you have a 2-year membership, you will have access to passes for both years.  


What is the “Guest of…” membership card and what benefits are included?

This “Guest of” card allows you to bring a different guest each time you visit, with full member benefits and access. Members at the Contributor-and-above level are able to choose this option in place of a second named cardholder.


What should I do if I receive a notice to renew my membership, but I have already renewed?

Our letters must have crossed in the mail. Please disregard the renewal notice and expect to receive your new Membership cards in the next 3-5 weeks.


I am a caregiver of a member that requires special assistance. May I accompany them on their visit?

Absolutely. When you check in at the Visitor Center, simply ask to receive a caregiver sticker and you will be permitted to accompany your member throughout their visit to the estate. Caregiver status is not applicable to nannies and babysitters. Members requiring admission for a nanny or babysitter should purchase the Contributor-level membership and choose the “guest of” option as their second cardholder

What are the reciprocal benefits a Winterthur membership?

All of our Members are granted complimentary access to over 300 arboretums through the American Horticultural Society (AHS) Reciprocal Admissions Program. Contributor Members and above receive admission to over 900 museums through the North American Reciprocal Museums (NARM) program and Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums (ROAM). For more information, please see the Reciprocal Admissions Benefits page.


Can I upgrade to a higher level of membership?

Yes, with the following options:

  • If you wish to upgrade within the first sixth months of your Membership:

You will be asked to pay the difference between your current level and the level you wish to upgrade to. You will be given all of the benefits of the Membership level you have upgraded into and your expiration date will remain the same. 

  • If you wish to upgrade after the first six months of your Membership:

You will be asked to pay the full price of the upgraded Membership. The upgraded Membership will start the date of the upgrade purchase and we will extend your Membership a full year from its current expiration date.


Do the primary and secondary cardholders need to live in the same household?

The two cardholders do not need to live in the same household, but the benefits of being a Member extend to only those two named cardholders. Please keep in mind that all membership correspondence and mailings will be sent only to the primary cardholder.


Can I request a membership refund?

All memberships sales are final and nonrefundable. Memberships start the date they are purchased or with your current expiration, if you are renewing early. Memberships and Member benefits cannot be sold or transferred. If you have any questions about your membership, please contact as at


May I pay for a Membership using a Donor Advised Fund, family foundation grant, or qualified distribution from my IRA?

Yes, you may pay by these methods; however, when doing so, you agree to waive all the nondeductible membership benefits for that level. This includes digital guest passes. Bifurcated, personal payments are not allowed when paying for a membership by these methods. Please contact the Membership Office if you plan to purchase or renew your membership in this method. 


Is my membership tax deductible?

Memberships that cost $75 or less are fully tax-deductible. Hold on to your receipt and acknowledgment letter as proof of purchase. Memberships above $75 are partially tax-deductible. Please refer to the membership packet or letter you received when purchasing or renewing your membership for specific information about how to calculate the tax-deductible amount of your membership payment.


What is the Museums for All program?

Through Museums for All, Winterthur will provide $2 admission for those who receive food assistance (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits. Simply present your SNAP electronic benefits transfer card at the admissions desk to receive the $2 rate per person for up to four people.

Use your SNAP EBT card at more than 900 other museums in the United States. For the full list, visit Museums for All.


What is the ACCESS Delaware – Art-Reach program?

Delaware residents who monitor their government-issued cash, food, or medical benefits with an EBT card, as well as Delawareans with disabilities who have an Art-Reach Access Card, can visit Winterthur and and other participating sites for $2 per person for up to four people.

Simply present your valid Delaware EBT card or Art-Reach ACCESS card with a photo ID at the admissions desk to receive the reduced rate. For more information or to get an ACCESS card, visit Art-Reach. (The discount is not valid for special exhibitions, special events, or with other offers.)


Can I take photos at Winterthur?

Guests are welcome to film or take photos during their visit except where signage indicates photography is not permitted.  We ask that you refrain from photographing or filming Winterthur staff or other guests without their permission. Drone photography is not permitted at Winterthur.

Photography Notice

Upon entering the premises you grant Winterthur and its agents the right to videotape, film, and photograph you, record your voice, and use your likeness in connection with the commercial production, and in the distribution, exhibition, and exploitation thereof.

Commercial Inquiries

In general, Winterthur does not permit commercial photography. However, exceptions may be made in rare cases. Please email a detailed request to: You will receive a response from us within one to three days.

Engagement and Family Photos

We love the opportunity to be part of someone’s special day and allow this type of photography under the following conditions: 

  • Photos are only permitted outside. 
  • The party is kept to a minimum – the couple or family and the photographer is most typical. We aren’t able to accommodate a large photography crew. 
  • All members of the party must pay the daily admission fee or be Winterthur members and check in at the Visitor Center upon arrival. 
  • Be mindful that the estate is open and that we want all our visitors to have an excellent experience while at Winterthur. The process of taking photos cannot interrupt or inconvenience other guests. 
  • The photography must happen during Winterthur’s operation hours – between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm, Tuesday through Sunday, unless all members of the party are Winterthur Members. Only Members are permitted on the estate before we open and after we close (dawn to dusk, Monday through Sunday).  Note that we are open 7 days a week for the Yuletide season.