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Do you love Winterthur? Do you enjoy our diverse offerings? Volunteer with us to connect with a community of people who, like you, value stimulation, enrichment, and fun. Greet our guests, help with our programs and events, and contribute in any of many different ways. We are certain to have an opportunity that matches your interest and desires. For more information, contact volunteer coordinator Janice Crawford at

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Volunteer Opportunities

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<p>Explore our current volunteer opportunities below.</p>
Become a Master Gardener
Winterthur is a Local Organizing Partner (LOP) for the Delaware Master Naturalist…

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Visitor Service Volunteer
Visitor Service Volunteer encompasses several positions: Information Desk/Visitor Center Greeter, Gallery Reception…

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Special Events Volunteer
The Special Events Volunteer assists with events and programs such as Enchanted…

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Valuing Our Volunteers

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<p>Winterthur is a special place for many people. Some seek refuge in the quiet of the garden. Some revel in the study of our expansive collection. Some celebrate the beauty of the natural landscape. Some enjoy special events.  Some visit to connect with friends or family.</p> <p>Whatever your reason for coming to Winterthur, volunteers have applied their talent and energy to make your experience here memorable. Teen interns recently interviewed a few of these behind-the-scenes individuals to learn more about the important roles they play throughout the estate. The resulting portraits highlight the fervent dedication of each person. They are what truly make Winterthur special.</p>
Laurel Riegel – Always Eager to Learn More
Laurel Riegel has been volunteering as a house guide at Winterthur since…

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