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Filming & Photography

Guests are welcome to film or take photos during their visit except where signage indicates photography is not permitted. We also ask that you refrain from photographing or filming Winterthur staff or other guests without their permission. Drone photography is not permitted at Winterthur.

Photography Notice

Upon entering the premises you grant Winterthur and its agents the right to videotape, film, and photograph you, record your voice, and use your likeness in connection with the commercial production, and in the distribution, exhibition, and exploitation thereof.

Commercial Inquiries

In general, Winterthur does not permit commercial photography. However, exceptions may be made in rare cases. Please email a detailed request to: You will receive a response from us within one to three days.

Engagement and Family Photos

We love the opportunity to be part of someone’s special day and allow this type of photography under the following conditions: 

  • Photos are only permitted outside. 
  • The party is kept to a minimum – the couple or family and the photographer is most typical. We aren’t able to accommodate a large photography crew. 
  • All members of the party must pay the daily admission fee or be Winterthur members and check in at the Visitor Center upon arrival. 
  • Be mindful that the estate is open and that we want all our visitors to have an excellent experience while at Winterthur. The process of taking photos cannot interrupt or inconvenience other guests. 
  • The photography must take place during Winterthur’s operation hours – between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm, Tuesday through Sunday, unless all members of the party are Winterthur Members. Only Members are permitted on the estate before we open and after we close (dawn to dusk, Monday through Sunday).  Note that we are open 7 days a week for the Yuletide season.