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Celebrate every season in Winterthur’s naturalistic garden, a masterpiece of color and design. Lyrical color combinations delight visitors of all ages with a year-round succession of bloom.

The garden is a result of the artistic vision of its creator, Henry Francis du Pont (1880-1969) and is surrounded by nearly 1,000 acres of meadows, farmland, and waterways.

The views in every direction are important to the whole. The paths are an integral part of the overall design, curving rather than straight, following the contours of the land, passing around trees, and drawing walkers into the garden

Explore the garden on foot, or on a narrated tram ride (March-December).

Winterthur Garden Intership Program

The mission of the program is to help educate the next generation of horticulturists and environmental stewards while preserving and maintaining Mr. du Pont’s spectacular treasure that is the Winterthur Garden and Estate. Read more.

Did you know?

Gardening was H. F. du Pont’s first love. He experimented with thousands of plants, refining the color combinations that are the essence of the Winterthur Garden. 

Read about the history of the garden about Did you know?

Garden Events

Event: Garden Insider
Event start date
Event time 11:00 am-
12:00 pm

Audience: Adult, Member

Go behind the scenes with the experts! Each week a Winterthur specialist…

Event: Garden to Vase Floral Design Workshops
Event start date
Event time 5:30 pm-
8:00 pm

Audience: Adult, Member

Opulent Peonies, May 19 Use a design technique made famous during H.…

Event: The Historic Designed Landscape: Marian Coffin & H. F. du Pont at Winterthur

Garden Tours

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Garden Tram
See highlights of the garden from a seat on the tram. Learn…

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Garden Collection

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History of the Garden
Henry Francis du Pont had three life-long passions: gardening, breeding cattle and…

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Major Plant Groupings
In 1962 an interviewer asked Henry Francis du Pont (1880-1969) to discuss the defining…

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Summer Color in the Garden
Follow us on Instagram @winterthurgarden or call the Winterthur Garden Report at…

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Digital Garden Collection

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Plant Images
See photos of plants found at Winterthur.

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Plant Finder
Find Plant Information and location on the Winterthur Estate

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Enchanted Woods

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Tale of Enchanted Woods
Once upon a time, long, long ago, a family of adventurers set…

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Letter from the Enchanted Woods Faeries
Dear Children, Come into the garden. My fairy friends and I made…

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