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Explore and immerse yourself in holistic and intimate inquiry in a wide range of disciplines. As an interdisciplinary center for collections-based scholarship and conservation, Winterthur offers researchers unparalleled access to a wealth of museum, garden, and library collections supporting material culture research. We enthusiastically welcome researchers from underrepresented communities including, but not limited to, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color as well as scholars who bring critical perspectives to collections research.

Academic, independent, and museum scholars as well as advanced graduate students are invited to apply for short-term (two- to six-week) and long-term (four- to eight-month) residential, remote, and hybrid research fellowships that can be used between June 1, 2021, and August 31, 2022. We welcome new and critical approaches to a broad range of scholarly topics, including: material culture studies, social and cultural history, social justice, museum practice, art history, literary studies, American studies, design history, the decorative arts, landscape architecture and design, consumer culture, and conservation studies covering global topics from the 17th to the 20th centuries. We also support fellowships designed for artists, writers, filmmakers, horticulturalists, craftspeople, and others who wish to examine, study, and immerse themselves in Winterthur’s vast collections in order to inspire creative and artistic works for general, non-academic audiences.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to search WinterCat and our online Museum Collection, visit Winterthur, and contact staff members to discuss potential research projects. The suitability of a project to Winterthur’s collections is the primary consideration of the fellowship award committee.

In other words, what do you hope to do and how can Winterthur’s resources help you achieve your goals?! Your creativity and imagination are welcomed.

Research Fellowship Program

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Apply for Research Fellowship Program
All materials may be accessed through the online application portal: Application form: Complete…

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Winterthur Welcomes Researchers!
Explore and immerse yourself in holistic and intimate inquiry in a wide…

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Fellowships Available
Winterthur Research Fellowships are designed to support residencies, remote, and hybrid fellowships…

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