The maker of this Grecian couch, from 1805–1815, is unknown. From Salem, Massachusetts, it is displayed in the McIntire Bedroom.

“My favorite object, from a purely aesthetic point of view, is the couch in McIntire Bedroom,” says Amanda Hinckle, assistant director of major gifts. “It’s an 1805–1815 Grecian couch from Salem, Massachusetts. One end scrolls outward, while the other scrolls in, and the S-scrolled legs make the piece feel sumptuous. The carving along the crest and front seat rails with grapevines, laurel leaves, cornucopias, roses, and ears of wheat is truly beautiful. The gold silk lampas is warm and it shines in the daytime. When I enter its home in the McIntire bedroom, my eye is immediately drawn to it. I fantasize about reclining on this couch—though I absolutely would never do it!”

Grecian couch


Unknown maker