One of my dad’s favorite games is pool, so we had a table in our basement, and he taught me and my siblings to play when we were kids. I hadn’t played since I moved out six years ago, but then I got to know some new friends who played on a regular basis, and it’s been fun getting back into it. I like this table because it’s a large size that no one has had an opportunity to play on in a long time, and it’s unique for another reason—it’s the oldest American-made table. It also has a lot of presence; it fills up a room that is not small. My exposure to pool tables is fairly modern, so I’m not used to seeing a table with as much decoration in the wood. It’s pretty cool.

Made by John Shaw

Annapolis, Maryland, 1797-1800

Museum purchase 1958.0058

Mahogany, satinwood, rosewood, tulip poplar, pine

Aaron Morris, Preventative Conservator