57th Annual Delaware Antiques Show

Cover for the 2019 Delaware Antiques Show Catalogue

2019 Delaware Antiques Show Catalogue

Save the Date!

November 6–8, 2020, Virtual Event

Due to COVID-19, this year's event will be virtual. Keep checking for details on the event.

Delaware Antiques Show is the finest offerings of American antiques and decorative arts, including furniture, paintings, rugs, ceramics, silver, jewelry, and more.

New to Collecting?

The Delaware Antiques Show provides a wonderful learning environment for those who are new to collecting as well as for antiques experts. Look for "Find!" signs that highlight objects of special interest and value. The dealers are always open to answering questions and providing information.

Here are some tips for new collectors from Delaware Antiques Show committee member, Forbes Maner, to help you get the most out of your visit to the show.

1. Collect what you enjoy.
2. Make a mistake.
3. Do your homework.
4. Buy the best you can afford.
5. Don’t buy an “investment.”
6. Don’t be shy.
7. Protect your collection.
8. Ignore the rules.
9. Have fun!


For more information on the show, e-mail das@winterthur.org.

The Delaware Antiques Show benefits educational programming at Winterthur.

The Reviews Are In......

“…a real handsome show, featuring top-flight dealers with interesting and wonderful inventories. The dealers offer thousands of good reasons to attend this show…but patrons might also keep in mind that the State of Delaware has no sales tax, making buying all that more pleasant. Give it a try.” – Antiques And The Arts Weekly

“Savvy Collectors Know that Delaware is a great place to buy antiques.” – Maine Antique Digest



        The Delaware Antiques Show benefits educational programming at Winterthur.

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