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302.888.4907 TTY


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Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library
5105 Kennett Pike
Wilmington, DE 19735


Departmental Directory

Academic Programs 302.888.4649

Conservation 302.888.4609

Corporate Events 302.888.6130

Design Associates 302.888.4836

Development 302.888.4673

Dining 302.888.4826

Directors Office 302.888.4671

Family and School Programs 302.888.4866

Finance 302.888.4705

Garden 302.888.4779

Human Resources 302.888.3017

Image Request 302.888.4734

Information Systems 302.888.4789

Library 302.888.4681

Licensed Products 302.888.4861

Marketing & Communications 302.888.4803 302.888.4614

Membership 302.888.4713

Museum Collections 302.888.4775 302.888.4700 (fax)

Museum Registrar’s Office 302.888.3383

Post Office 302.888.4613

Public Programs 302.888.4786

Public Safety 302.888.4647

Publications 302.888.4955

Retail 302.888.4822

Tours and Reservations 302.888.4600 ext. 7029

Volunteer Services 302.888.4784

Weddings 302.888.4910

Staff Directory

Abbott, Jill 302.888.4992
Senior Events Planner Events – Admin

Adams, Denise 302.888.4777
Controller Finance

Anderson, Mark 302.888.4795
Senior Conservator Conservation

Banks, Madeline
Technician, Abor Natural Lands Horticulture

Baumann, Josh
Preventative Conservation Aide Conservation

Beck, Adam 302.888.4679
Mechanic Facilities Services

Beebe, Fred 302.888.4761
MEP Supervisor Facilities Services

Bezerra, Gayle 302.888.4977
Senior Graphic Designer & Art Director Marketing Communications

Bisson, Dennis 302.888.6125
Mechanical Technician Facilities Services

Bono, Daniela 302.888.4827
Asst Registrar Registration

Borden, Carl 302.888.6107
Carpenter II Facilities Services

Bradley, Beth 302.888.4848
Supervisor, Visitor Reception Visitor Services

Braun, Kevin 302.888.4865
Arborist, Senoir Horticulture

Brown, Jennie 302.888.4931
Audience Engagement Manager Educational Programs

Brown, Sandy 302.888.4836
Designer, Interior Retail

Caccamo, Nat 302.888.4896
Chief Preparator Exhibition Department

Cadou, Carol 302.888.4770
Executive Director & CEO Directors Office

Castle, John 302.888.4954
Director, Facilities Services Facility Service – Admin.

Clewell, Heather 302.888.4634
Archivist & Records Manager Library

Collison, Kim 302.888.4657
Manager Exhibitions Exhibition Department

Colonna, Vinnie 302.888.4957
Assistant Director, Facilities Facility Service – Admin.

Conaty, Colleen 302.888.4712
Assistant Director, Membership & Annual Giving Annual Giving / Membership

Cox, Wayne 302.888.4669
Director, Information Management Information Systems

Cross, Jody 302.888.4726
Associate Director, Membership & Individual Giving Annual Giving / Membership

Cushman, Matthew 302.888.4623
Conservator Conservation

Davies, Tricia 302.888.4784
Manager, Volunteer Visitor Service – Volunteers

Davila, Steve 302.888.4731
Network Engineer Information Systems

Delamaire, Stephanie 302.888.4850
Associate Curator, Collections Museum Collections Department

DeMesse, Kris 302.888.4861
Senior Manager, Business Licensed Products

DeStefano, Paula 302.888.4641
Associate Registrar Registration

Deutsch, Alexandra 302.888.4682
Director of Museum Engagement Exhibition Department

Donahue, Steve 302.888.4640
Director, Public Safety Public Safety

Donnelly, Melissa 302.888.4791
Supervisor, Visitor Services Visitor Services

Donnelly, Leigh 302.888.3390
Horticulturist, Garden Horticulture

Donnelly, William 302.888.4680
Assistant Conservator Conservation

Drummond, Jane 302.888.4671
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Director & Assistant Secretary to the Corporation Directors Office

Dunckel, Allison 302.888.4821
Social Media Manager Marketing Communications

Durandt, David 302.888.4963
Chief Financial Officer Finance

Earls, Amy 302.888.4615
Assoc Editor Academic Programs

Eaton, Linda 302.888.4652
John L. & Marjorie P. McGraw Director of Collections & Senior Curator of Textiles Museum Collections Department

Eirhart, Linda 302.888.4825
Director, Horticulture Garden Admin

Epting, Sharon 302.888.4611
Benefits Administrator Human Resources

Fair, Lauren 302.888.4895
Conservator Conservation

Farrell, Isabelle 302.888.6130
Assistant Director Events Major Gifts

Farrell, Grace 302.888.4782
Payroll Assistant Finance

Fox, Kevin 302.888.4679
Mechanic Facilities Services

French, Suzanne 302.888.4864
Horticulturist 3 Horticulture

Gant, David
Maintenance Mechanic I Facilities Services

Gardiner, Joy 302.888.4612
Director, Conservation Conservation

Gaster, Steph 302.888.4780
Assistant Communications Manager Marketing Communications

Grabowski, Dean 302.888.3022
Painter Facilities Services

Grayburn, Rosie 302.888.4808
Associate Scientist Conservation

Grigsby, Leslie 302.888.4972
Senior Curator of Ceramics & Glass Museum Collections Department

Groff, Jeff 302.888.3389
Director, Interpretation Directors Office

Guiler, Thomas 302.888.4637
Asst Professor Academic Programs

Guthrie, Emily 302.888.4630
Director, Library Library

Harbaugh, Alan 302.888.4842
Webmaster Marketing Communications

Harper, Debbie 302.888.4879
Senior Curator, Education Visitor Research & Interpretation

Heesters, Christine 302.888.4991
Director, Marketing & Media Marketing Communications

Hentschel, Barbara 302.888.4897
Manager, Store Retail

Hill, Stephanie 302.888.4709
Manager, Merchandise Retail

Holland, Hillary 302.888.4614
Manager Marketing Communications

Irving, Joan 302.888.4716
Asst Director, Conservation Conservation

Jackson, Jeni 302.888.6111
Coordinator, Scheduling Visitor Service – Museum Tours

Landrey, Greg 302.888.4729
Director, Library, Collections Mgmt & Academic Prog. LCMAP Admin

Lane, Joshua 302.888.4974
Curator, Collections Museum Collections Department

Lazorchak, Joe 302.888.4981
Horticulturist, Garden Horticulture

Lewis, Sarah 302.888.4628
Library Fellow Library

Long, Carol 302.888.3391
Curator, Plants Horticulture

Luck, Bill 302.888.4862
MEP Assistant Supervisor Facilities Services

Lynch, Kathan 302.888.4756
Specialist, Art Handling Registration

Mackey, Jen 302.888.4687
Director of Philanthropy Philanthropy – Admin.

Magee, Jimmy
Technician, Abor Natural Lands Horticulture

Makuka, Sasha 302.888.4651
Asst Registrar Registration

Markee, Chase 302.888.4649
Coordinator, Division Academic Programs

Martin-Schaff, Linda 302.888.4701
Librarian Library

Matsen, Catherine 302.888.4918
Scientist Conservation

McCarter, Roger 302.888.4875
Maintenance Mechanic III Facilities Services

McCarter, Daisy 302.888.4829
Bookkeeper II Finance

McCarthy, Lynn 302.888.4734
Digital Asset Manager Marketing Communications

McCue, Bob 302.888.4797
Manager, Project Facility Service – Admin.

Mellinger, Jane 302.888.4719
Postmaster Post Office

Melton, Mary_Alice 302.888.4740
Supervisor, Receiving Retail

Mickletz, Matt 302.888.4752
Manager Conservation

Parker Miller, Beth 302.888.4988
Registrar Registration

Mina, Laura 302.888.4633
Associate Conservator Conservation

Morris, Aaron
Preventative Conservation Aide Conservation

Mulrine, Joe 302.888.4983
Specialist, Desktop Support Information Systems

Myers, Lori L 302.888.4753
Supervisor, General Services Facilities Services

Nardone, Mark 302.888.4803
Manager, Communications Marketing Communications

Nylen, John
Sales Associate II Retail

Parrish, Laura 302.888.4733
Librarian Library

Pirhalla, Jim 302.888.4981
Horticulturist, Garden Horticulture

Plankinton, Rob 302.888.4933
Supervisor, Estate & Landscape Horticulture

Pleva, Patti 302.888.4625
Plant Recorder Horticulture

Quig, Mike 302.888.4936
Supervisor, Public Safety Public Safety

Quinnette, Frank 302.888.3390
Horticulturist, Estate Horticulture

Rada, Beth 302.888.4841
Accounting Assistant Finance

Robertaccio, John 302.888.4862
Maintenance Mechanic I Facilities Services

Roeber, Catharine 302.888.4876
Associate Professor Academic Programs

Rollins, Onie 302.888.4663
Director, Publications Publications

Sahmel, Kate 302.888.4674
Conservator Conservation

Salata, John 302.888.6109
Supv.Aboriculture Nat Lands Horticulture

Savage, Tom 302.888.3388
Director of External Affairs Directors Office

Scheck, Eileen 302.888.4887
Assistant Curator, Education Visitor Service – Estate Tours

Schmadtke, Leanne 302.888.4673
Philanthropy Associate Philanthropy – Admin.

Schneck, Jim 302.888.4659
Photographer Conservation

Schnick, Lori 302.888.4914
Specialist, Plant Map& Records Horticulture

Schurr, David 302.888.3390
Horticulturist, Garden Horticulture

Shaw, Deb 302.888.4705
Supervisor, Bookkeeping Finance

Sibley, Sue 302.888.4981
Horticulturist, Garden Horticulture

Smith, Bill
Preventative Conservation Aide Conservation

Solensky, Jeanne 302.888.4853
Librarian Library

Stapleford, Michelle 302.888.4981
Horticulturist, Garden Horticulture

Stiles, Matthew 302.888.4941
Specialist, Art Handling Registration

Stoehr, Lois 302.888.4645
Curator, Education Educational Programs

Stouts, Kevin 302.888.4981
Horticulturist, Estate Horticulture

Strand, Chris 302.888.4915
Director, Garden & Estate Garden Admin

Talecki, Andrew 302.888.4751
Computer Programmer Information Systems

Taviano, Ellen 302.888.4793
General Manager, Retail & Licensing Retail

Taylor, Brin 302.888.4830
Director, Human Resources Human Resources

Tedone, Melissa 302.888.3381
Associate Conservator Conservation

Terranova, John
Senior Mason Facilities Services

Terranova, Ben 302.888.4661
Supervisor, Trade Services Facilities Services

Terrell, Alison 302.888.4743
Assoc.Director, Philanthropy Philanthropy – Admin.

Treml, Joe 302.888.3022
Senior Painter Facilities Services

Truax, Mack 302.888.4824
Coordinator, Conserv & Light D Conservation

Tsakiris, Jessica 302.888.4981
Horticulturist, Garden Horticulture

Urist, Giovanna 302.888.4771
Assoc.Director, Philanthropy Major Gifts

Vivolo, Teresa 302.888.4955
Creative Services Editor Marketing Communications

Wagner, Ann 302.888.4913
Curator, Collections Museum Collections Department

Wickersham, Sue 302.888.4769
Coordinator, Department Public Safety

Wilkins, Fran 302.888.4609
Coordinator, Department Conservation

Wolins, Inez 302.888.4863
Director of Visitor Engagement Museum Affairs Administration

Wong, Jenn 302.888.4812
Manager, Accounting Finance

Wright, Dannie 302.888.3390
Horticulturist, Garden Horticulture

Young, Kathy 302.888.4889
LAN Administrator Information Systems

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