Logo for Erica Wilson: Life in Stitches

September 15, 2020–January 3, 2021

Erica Wilson: A Life in Stitches looks closely at the life and work of Erica Wilson, the “Julia Child of needlework.” Wilson’s successful 1970s television program teaching needlework was one component of a much larger career that included a business of hand embroidery kits, books, newspaper and magazine columns, public appearances, and a store bearing her name on New York City’s Madison Avenue. Drawing on an extensive collection of items donated to Winterthur Museum and borrowed from Wilson’s family, the exhibition will feature an eclectic range of textiles and objects from traditional needlework to Wilson’s own lavishly embroidered boots and embellished clothing. Erica Wilson celebrates her love of craft, her success as an entrepreneur, and her work that continues to inspire makers of today.


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