On-Site Programs

  • Please arrive on time for your program.
  • Make sure students are wearing a name tag.
  • Review museum manners with your students. These include walking, using quiet voices, and touching objects only when instructed to do so. The garden is part of the collection too! Please have students refrain from climbing trees, throwing stones, or picking flowers. 
  • Each group has its own guide. Therefore, every group of students does not need to have a chaperone, though we understand that school policy may require this. 
  • Adults should model good behavior for the students. Chaperones can be most helpful by staying with their assigned groups, allowing students to answer questions, and encouraging students to use good museum manners. 
  • Museum policy and staffing dictate the number of students in each group. Please make sure all teachers attending the field trip understand this and follow the guidelines.

In-Class Programs 

  • Make sure students are wearing name tags. 
  • Encourage students to practice good classroom manners. 
  • Encourage respectful handling of demonstration items.
  • Model active listening and participation.

Virtual Programs 

  • Log on a few minutes before your program begins.
  • Ensure all names appear accurately. 
  • When applicable, use the chat function appropriately. 
  • Be respectful of your guide and peers.

If you have any questions, please contact school@winterthur.org