Without the adornment of leaves and flowers, the structure of the landscape is laid bare in intimate, vivid details and provides a clear view of far-reaching vistas. Its imposing tree trunks show off their powerful roots, shining in the spotlight of a winter sun. The fragrant and vibrant evergreens, no longer overpowered by showy blooms, take center stage. And the landscape, in its naked beauty, offers a true connection to nature.

Each season at Winterthur offers its own unique delights, but winter is perhaps the most inimitable of all as the bones of the landscape are exposed, offering an appreciation for the raw beauty of nature, sprinkled with little treasures of color from winter berries and flowers. The quiet solitude is a peaceful retreat from the busyness of everyday life.

Become a Member and enjoy the transformative experience of the winter landscape during our seasonal closing in January and February, when Members are able to walk the garden and grounds daily, dawn to dusk (weather permitting).