Elizabeth Block, Ph.D., Independent Scholar; “Beyond Vanity: The History and Power of Hairdressing”; short-term fellowship.

Alexander David Clayton, Ph.D. Candidate, History; University of Michigan; “The Living Animal: Animating Nature in the Colonial Menagerie, 1750–1890”; dissertation fellowship.

Caroline Creeden, Independent Scholar; “Selvedge: Domestic Craft”; maker-creator fellowship.

Christina Day, Full-Time Faculty, Fiber; Maryland Institute College of Art; “Linoleum and the Permanence of Passé”; maker-creator fellowship.

Kathryn Desplanque, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of 18th- and 19th-century European Art History; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; “Creative Destruction: Visual Art Defined by Exclusion from the 18th Century to Today”; postdoctoral fellowship.

Joseph Drury, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English; Villanova University; “On Whimsy: Capricious Designs in Britain and America, 1700–1850”; short-term fellowship.

Jennifer Factor, Doctoral Student; Brandeis University; “Intimate Play: Phillis Wheatley Peters and the Art of the Poem Game”; dissertation fellowship.

Lily Higgins, Doctoral Candidate; Yale University; “Reading into Things: Articulate Objects in Colonial North America”; short-term fellowship.

Ryan Kelly, Associate Professor, Department of Art & Art History, Studio Art, Ceramics & Foundations; Western Washington University; “Mining the Museum”; maker-creator fellowship.

Susan Kern, Ph.D., Scholar/Author; “History and the Age of Restoration: Reframing the American Past and Present”; William Seale Short-Term Fellowship*

Cynthia Chin Kirk, Ph.D. Researcher; University of Glasgow; “Collecting Eighteenth-Century Dress and the Creation of America”; dissertation fellowship.

Andrea Miles, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Louisville; Black Rebels: African American Revolutionaries From North Carolina During and After the War of Independence”; short-term fellowship.

Hugo Nakashima-Brown, Student; North Bennet Street School; “Critical Craft in Shaker and American Folk Furniture of the Winterthur Collection”; maker-creator fellowship.

Marina Nye, Ph.D. Candidate; UCLA; “Beyond Repair: Textile Reuse and Repurposing in the Early American Republic”; short-term fellowship.

Robert Paulett, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History; Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; The Breeches of Britain: Leather, Scotland, and the British Empire in the 1700s”; short-term fellowship.

Margo Rabb, Independent Scholar; “Life Among the Ruins: the Crowninshield Garden, and the Meaning and Value of Public Gardens”; short-term fellowship.

Tia Santana, Lecturer/Faculty, UCLA, California State University Long Beach, and Santa Monica College; Who Will Tell Our Stories?”; maker-creator fellowship.

Lucy Smith, Ph.D. Candidate, History & Women’s and Gender Studies; University of Michigan; The Atlantic Bite: Circulation, Economy, and the Meaning of Teeth in George Washington’s World”; short-term fellowship.

Cindy Stockton-Moore, Independent Artist; “Natural Sampler: Note/Field/Sketch”; maker-creator fellowship.

Kathryn Sullivan, Independent Scholar; An Anthropology of Oak: Trade, Trees & Craft”; maker-creator fellowship.

Lilith Todd, Ph.D. Candidate; Columbia University; “Tending Another: The Rhetoric and Labor of Nursing in the Long Eighteenth Century”; short-term fellowship.

Emily Wells, Ph.D. Candidate; College of William & Mary; “ ‘Keep Within Compass’: Geographies of Girlhood in the American South, 1783–1865”; short-term fellowship.

Emily Whitted, Ph.D. Student; University of Massachusetts Amherst; Darned, Patched, and Mended: Repairing Textiles in Eighteenth-Century America”; dissertation fellowship.

Douglas Winiarski, Ph.D., Professor of Religious Studies & American Studies; University of Richmond; “Shakers & the Shawnee Prophet: Making & Breaking Religious Communities on the Early American Frontier, 1805–1825”; Faith Andrews Short-Term Fellowship**.

Rachel Winter, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Groningen; “The cause of much chagrin: marine shagreen as a tool for elasmobranch historical ecology”; short-term fellowship.

Mark Wonsidler, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections; Lehigh University Art Galleries; “Decadent Decoration, or In Search of Queer Lamps and Other Oddities”; maker-creator fellowship.

*The William Seale Short-Term Fellowship honors the late William Seale, a renowned specialist in historic architecture, interiors, and gardens.

**The Faith Andrews Short-Term Fellowship honors Mrs. Faith Andrews and Dr. Edward Deming Andrews, a pioneering Shaker scholar whose collection is housed in the Winterthur Library as the Edward Deming Andrews Memorial Shaker Collection.


Jenny Carson, Ph.D., Professor; Maryland Institute College of Art; “John Lewis Krimmel”; short-term fellowship.

Carla Cevasco, Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Rutgers University-New Brunswick; “Feeding Children in Early America”; short-term fellowship.

Alexander David Clayton, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Michigan; “The Living Animal: Biopower and Empire in the Atlantic Menagerie, 1760-1890”; short-term fellowship.

Basil Considine, Ph.D., Artistic Director; Really Spicy Opera, and Elissa Edwards, Artistic Director for Elan Ensemble; Ensemble-in-residence at the Hammond-Harwood House Museum; “Pixie/Pirate/Princess: An Interactive Theatre Party for Children”; maker-creator fellowship.

Courtney DiMare, Independent Scholar; “What She Wore”; maker-creator fellowship.

Alexandra Zoë Dostal, Ph.D. Candidate; Columbia University; “Rope, Linen, Thread: Gender, Labor and Eighteenth-Century British Art”; short-term fellowship.

Anna Abhau Elliott, Independent Scholar; “Fake Food: An Inquiry”; maker-creator fellowship.

Katherine Fein, Ph.D. Candidate; Columbia University; “Tusk and Skin: The Intimate Ecologies of Ivory Miniatures”; short-term fellowship.

Allison Fulton, Ph.D. Candidate; University of California Davis; “Disciplining Craft: The Gendered Making of Nineteenth-Century American Science”; dissertation fellowship.

Jillian Galle, Ph.D., Project Director, Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery (DAACS); Thomas Jefferson Foundation (Monticello); “Fragmented Lives: the Materiality of Enslavement in the Early Modern Atlantic World”; NEH postdoctoral fellowship.

Blake Grindon, Doctoral Candidate; Princeton University; “The Death of Jane McCrea: Sovereignty and Revolutionary Violence in the Northeast”; short-term fellowship.

Holly Gruntner, Ph.D. Candidate; William & Mary; “Fertile Ground: Kitchen Gardens and Knowledge Production in Early America”; dissertation fellowship.

Julia Harrison, Resident Artist; Penland School of Craft; “The Mechanics Making (Sweets) Special”; maker-creator fellowship.

Brece Honeycutt, Independent Scholar; “Prismatic Utopia”; maker-creator fellowship.

Peter Hudson, Apprentice Joiner; Colonial Williamsburg; “Makers in Maine: Reading Labor Back”; maker-creator fellowship.

Donna Kaz, Playwright; Kaz Conference Writing Workshop; “The Sweetgum Trilogy”; maker-creator fellowship.

Gregg Moore, Professor; Arcadia University, and Omar Tate, Chef and Artist; Honeysuckle Projects, “Abolition and Ceramics”; maker-creator fellowship.

Katya Oicherman, Ph.D., Independent Scholar; “Bed Linen Trade Catalogues: The Material Culture of Sleep and North American Homemaking (1850 and 1930)”; short-term fellowship.

Nathaniel Otjen, Incoming Postdoctoral Research Associate; Princeton University; “Avian Care: The Evolution of Bird Architecture in the Modern US and Europe”; short-term fellowship.

Elisabeth Pellathy, Associate Professor; University of Alabama at Birmingham; “Textiles”; maker-creator fellowship.

Phillippa Pitts, Ph.D. Candidate; Boston University; “Bottled & Sold: The Tangible Forms of America’s Medical Democracy”; short-term fellowship.

Olaf Recktenwald, Ph.D., Co-Editor-in-Chief, Montreal Architectural Review; McGill University; “The Pop-Up Diagram: Thomas Malton’s A Compleat Treatise on Perspective”; short-term fellowship.

Louisa Wood Ruby, Ph.D. Visiting Fellow; Bard Graduate Center; “Collecting Colonial New York Paintings at Winterthur”; Winterthur postdoctoral fellowship.

Sohee Ryuk, Ph.D. Candidate; Columbia University; “Weaving ‘Oriental Carpets’ into the Soviet Union: Handicraft and Folk Art at the Intersections of Nation, Commodity, and Labor, 1890-1989”; dissertation fellowship.

Amy Sailer, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Utah; “Red House”; maker-creator fellowship.

Marshall Scheetz, Master Cooper; Jamestown Cooperage LLC; “Cannikin, Tankard, Noggin, Stoup: History, Usage, and Manufacture of Wooden Staved Drinking Vessels in early America”; maker-creator fellowship.

Cambra Sklarz, Ph.D. Candidate; University of California, Riverside; “The Artist and the Ecosystem: Strategies for the Use and Reuse of Materials in Early America”; short-term fellowship.

Jennifer Steverson, Virtual Resident; Black Botany Studio; “Mojo for a Changing Planet”; maker-creator fellowship.

Sarah Templin, Professor; Parsons School of Design & Maryland Institute College of Art; “Sustainability in Furniture Design Project”; maker-creator fellowship.

Courtney Wilder, Ph.D., Independent Scholar; “Fashioning the Industrial Revolution: Printed Dress Textiles and the Visual Economy in Europe, 1815-1851”; short-term fellowship.


Tracy Barnett, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Georgia; “Men and Their Guns: The Culture of Self-Deputized Manhood in the South, 1850-1877”; dissertation fellowship. 

Richard Bell, Professor; University of Maryland; “The First Freedom Riders: Streetcars and Street Fights in Jim Crow New York”; short-term fellowship. 

Barrie Blatchford, Ph.D. Candidate; Columbia University; “Fashion Victims: An Environmental History of the American Fur Industry, 1870-2006”; short-term fellowship. 

Alexandra Cade, Senior Curator and Director of Woodwind Studies; Sigal Music Museum and Tommy Dougherty, Composer; “The Winterthur Suite”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Camille Marie Davis, Ph.D. Candidate; Southern Methodist University; “Visual Prestige: The Role of Portraiture in Constructing the Nascent Identity of American Leaders”; critical race short-term fellowship. 

Nushelle de Silva, Ph.D. Candidate; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; “Protocols for the Peripatetic: Infrastructures of Exhibition Exchange in the Modern Museum”; dissertation fellowship. 

Nannina Gilder, Scriptwriter and Cynthia Wade, Director/Co-Writer; “The Shaker Screenplay”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Aspen Golann, Furniture Maker/Studio Artist and Kelly Harris, Furniture Maker/Educator; “Windsor Chairs: Accessing the Icon”; critical craft short-term fellowship. 

Javier P. Grossutti, Research Fellow; Università degli Studi di Padova; “When Migration Studies, Decorative Arts and Entrepreneurship interweaves: German Cabinet Makers and Italian Mosaic Workers in the Herter Brothers Company”; short-term fellowship.  

Victoria Hensley, Research and Programs Manager; Black Craftspeople Digital Archive; “Finding the Black Presence in Tennessee’s Silversmithing Trade”; short-term fellowship.  

Sue Johnson, Professor of Art; St. Mary’s College of Maryland; “Woman, as Advertised”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Aditi Khare, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Alberta; “Rethinking the Indian Textile Network under British Colonial Systems: A Material Culture Analysis, c. 1750-1860”; short-term fellowship. 

Kathryn Lasdow, Assistant Professor and Director of the Public History Concentration; Suffolk University; “Wharfed Out: Improvement and Inequity on the Early American Urban Waterfront”; William Seale short-term fellowship. 

Jason Luther, Assistant Professor; Rowan University; “Assembling an Archive: Material-Rhetorical Methods and The Saul Zalesch Collection of American Ephemera”; short-term fellowship. 

Maura Lucking, University of California, Los Angeles; “American Artisan: Design and Race-Making on the Industrial Campus, 1866-1924”; postdoctoral fellowship. 

Alexandra Macdonald, Ph.D. Candidate; William & Mary; “The Social Life of Time in the Anglo-Atlantic World, 1660-1830”; dissertation fellowship. 

Isabel Oleas-Mogollón, Independent Scholar; “Imperial Power and Christian Triumph: Reflective Surfaces and Religious Visuality in Eighteenth-Century Quito”; short-term fellowship.  

Joann Quiñones, Assistant Professor; Alfred University; “Americannoiseries”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Gina Siepel, Lecturer in Studio Art Foundations; Mount Holyoke College; “To Understand a Tree”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Meg Toth, Professor; Manhattan College; “Domestic Warfare: Militant Home Economics in Elisabeth Sanxay Holding’s WWII Fiction”; short-term fellowship. 

Jennifer Van Horn, Associate Professor; University of Delaware; “Base Metals: The Anti-Black Interior (1700-1900)”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship. 

Xinguo Wang, Independent Scholar and Woodworking Artisan; “Going Local, Then and Now: Winterthur’s American Furniture Collection Meets ‘Original America’ Table Tennis Blades”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Marina Wells, Ph.D. Candidate; Boston University; “Making Men from Whales: The Visual Culture of Gender and Whaling in New England, 1814-1861″; dissertation fellowship. 

Omolara Williams McCallister, Independent Scholar; “Learning from Our Past, Designing for Our Future”; maker-creator fellowship. 


William Averyt, Associate Professor Emeritus; University of Vermont; “The Winterthur Triangle: The Development of a Foundation Narrative”; short-term fellowship. 

Brigitte Bailey, Professor; University of New Hampshire; “Antebellum City Texts: Periodical Print Culture and Emergent U.S. Metropolitan Spaces”; short-term fellowship. 

Katherine Brelje, Ph.D. Candidate; Temple University; “Care, Consumption, and Awe: A Relational Plant Ethic of Care”; short-term fellowship. 

Angela Burnley, Independent Scholar; “Following the Footsteps of Florence Montgomery: Expanding & Changing Textile Definitions through Current Research”; short-term fellowship. 

Caylin Carbonell, Ph.D. Candidate; William & Mary; “Laboring Lives: Households, Dependence, and Power in Colonial New England”; short-term fellowship.  

Nora Ellen Carleson, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “The Vernacular Politics of American Dress, 1880-1930”; dissertation fellowship. 

David Charles Chioffi, Professor; J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, University of Arkansas and Cynthia Nourse Thompson, Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate Programs in Book Arts & Printmaking and Studio Arts; University of the Arts; “The Vestige”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Alice Crossley, Senior Lecture in English Literature; University of Lincoln; “Ephemeral Sentiment: Identity and Emotion in Nineteenth-Century Valentines”; short-term fellowship.  

Dan Daly, Independent Scholar; “The Portable Theater Project”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Camille Marie Davis, Ph.D. Candidate; Southern Methodist University; “Visual Prestige: The Role of Portraiture in Constructing the Nascent Identity of American Leaders”; short-term fellowship. 

Andrea Dietz, Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies; GWU Corcoran School of the Arts & Design; “We are not among the dead”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Steffi Dippold, Associate Professor; Kansas State University; “Biologies and Ethnographies of the Book: Deciphering Indigenous Artifact Languages of Early American Bookmaking”; short-term fellowship. 

Rob Finn, Independent Scholar; “Winterthur Tree Portraits”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Catriona Fisk, Casual Academic; University of Technology Sydney; “Material Lives and Maternal Bodies: Repositioning the History and Invention of Maternity Fashion 1750-1950”; short-term fellowship. 

Jean Franzino, Independent Scholar; “Dis-Union: Disability, Narrative, and the American Civil War”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship. 

Caroline Gillaspie, Ph.D. Candidate; CUNY Graduate Center; “Delicious Libations: Representing the Nineteenth-Century Brazil-US Coffee Trade”; dissertation fellowship. 

Mariah Gruner, Graduate Student; Boston University; “Stitching Political Selfhood, Materializing Gender: The Political Uses of American Women’s Decorative Needlework, 1820-1920”; short-term fellowship. 

Andrew Hart, Assistant Professor of Architecture; Thomas Jefferson University College of Architecture and the Built Environment; “Reimagining Piranesi in the American Landscape”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Yiyun Huang, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Tennessee, Knoxville; “The Chinese Origins of Medicinal Tea: Global Culture Transfer and A Vast Early America”; short-term fellowship. 

Leslie Koren, Assistant Professor of Media Arts; Robert Morris University and Adam Castelli, Architect; CannonDesign; “Pioneering Landscapes: Marian Cruger Coffin’s Life and Career”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Fernando Arroyo Lopez, Doctoral Student; University of Mississippi; “American Hotel Lobby Design of the 20th Century”; short-term fellowship.  

Shannan Mason, Ph.D. Candidate; Southern Illinois University; “John Bartram 18th Century Merchant of Nature”; short-term fellowship.  

Morgan McCullough, Ph.D. Candidate; William & Mary; “Material Bodies: Race, Gender, and Women in the Early American South”; short-term fellowship. 

Elissa Myers, Adjunct Assistant Professor; Queen’s College; “Crafting Girlhoods”; postdoctoral fellowship. 

Rebecca Olsen, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Domestic Ecology: Household Management and Environmental Entanglement in Nineteenth-Century British Literature”; dissertation fellowship. 

Benjamin Parker, Visiting Assistant Professor; Gettysburg College; “American Educational Iconography: National Symbolism in the Architectural Ornamentation of Public Schools”; short-term fellowship.  

Gordon Peteran, Professor; O.C.A.D. University; “Historical Contemporary”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Carol Petrucci, Independent Scholar; “Civil Intolerance: Opening the Past to Change the Present”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Lars Preisser, Independent Scholar; “Famillionaire Matters”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Andrew Raftery, Professor of Printmaking; Rhode Island School of Design; “Wallpaper Research”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Eleanor Richards, Artist; Penland School of Craft; “The Highboy’s Understory: Deconstructing the Icon”; Decorative Arts Trust maker-creator fellowship. 

Allison Robinson, Doctoral Candidate; University of Chicago; “The Political Biography of Dolls: Pedagogy and Reform through Work Project Administration Programing, 1933-1946”; short-term fellowship. 

Andrea Rosen, Curator; Fleming Museum of Art, University of Vermont; “Wood Gaylor, Primitivism, and American Folk Art”; short-term fellowship. 

Fiona Lindsey Shen, Director; Escalette Permanent Collection of Art, Chapman University; “Pearls and Remembrance”; short-term fellowship. 

Natalia Vieyra, Maher Curatorial Fellow of American Art, Harvard Art Museums; “Black Women’s Labor and the Atlantic Tortoiseshell Trade in the Work of Camille Pissarro”; short-term fellowship. 

Katharine Wells, Assistant Professor; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; “Uncanny Revivals: Designing Early America during the Rise of Fascism”; short-term fellowship. 

Elisabeth Yang, Ph.D. Candidate; Rutgers University; “Constructing the Moral Infant in American Medical and Scientific Discourse”; dissertation fellowship. 


Lauren Frances Adams, Associate Professor of Art; Maryland Institute College of Art; “Décor for Dissenters: Protest and the Americana Way”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Indranil Banerjie, Independent Scholar; “Influence of 18th English Cabinetmakers on India”; short-term fellowship. 

Kristen E. Beales, Ph.D. Candidate; William & Mary; “Thy Will Be Done: Merchants and Religion in Early America, 1720-1815”; short-term fellowship. 

George Boudreau, Senior Research Associate; McNeil Center for Early American Studies; “‘Telling the Story:’ Objects, Spaces, Material Culture and the Interpretation Presentation of Early America’s History”; short-term fellowship. 

Steven Robert Brown, Independent Teacher; “Investigation into Classical Proportioning in Eighteenth Century Furniture”; short-term fellowship. 

Kristen Brownell, Ph.D. Candidate; Claremont Colleges; “The Early American Bookcase: Narrator of Identity”; short-term fellowship. 

Camden Burd, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Rochester; “The Ornament of Empire: Nurserymen and the Making of the American Landscape”; short-term fellowship. 

Alicia Carroll, Associate Professor; Auburn University; “Sacred Groves: Local Ecologies in Victorian Literature and Culture”; short-term fellowship. 

Chloe Chapin, Ph.D. Candidate; Harvard University; “Peacocks to Penguins: the Ubiquitous Uniformity of Male Evening Dress”; short-term fellowship.  

Frank J. Cirillo, Bradley Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow; Nau Center for Civil War History, University of Virginia; “The Abolitionist Civil War: Antislavery Reformers and the Fate of the Republic”; short-term fellowship. 

Felicia Cooper, Outreach Programs Coordinator; Bakken Museum; “The Moon Lady: Edna Cooke Shoemaker’s Life and Work”; maker-creator fellowship.  

Theresa Downing, Ph.D. Candidate and Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow; University of Minnesota; “Vulnerable Materials, Vulnerable Bodies: Horsehair and Infestation in Ann Hamilton’s tropos and Historical American Domestic Objects”; short-term fellowship. 

Molly Duggins, Lecturer in Art History and Theory; National Art School; “Albums and Empire in the Nineteenth Century”; short-term fellowship.  

Freya Gowrley, Post Doctoral Fellow; University of Derby; “Collage before Modernism: Art & Identity in Britain & North America, 1680-1912”; short-term fellowship. 

Christopher Grant, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Chicago; “Crafting Community: Race, Creative Labor, and Everyday Aesthetics in the Creole Faubourgs of New Orleans, 1790-1865”; short-term fellowship. 

Kimberly Hall and Justin Hardison, Nottene Studio; “Wallpaper Stories”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Amy Huang, Ph.D. Candidate; Brown University; “Nineteenth-Century Secrecy and Theatrical Disorientation”; dissertation fellowship. 

Erica Lome, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Heirlooms of Tomorrow: Crafting and Consuming Colonial Reproduction Furniture, 1890-1945”; dissertation fellowship. 

Sharon C. Mehrman, Designer & Furniture Maker; Sharon C. Mehrman Woodworking; “Technology & Woodworking in America’s Industrial Satellites, 1840-1890”; short-term fellowship.  

Claire Meldrum, Instructional Designer, Online Learning & Development; Mohawk College; “Anna Katharine Green: A Biography”; short-term fellowship. 

Deirdre Murphy, Artist/Visiting Assistant Professor; Lehigh University; “Absence / Presence: Audubon’s Birds”; maker-creator fellowship.  

Elaine Ng, Independent Artist; “But Where Are You Really From? An Ecological Fingerprint of Place”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Erin Pauwels, Assistant Professor of Art History; Tyler School of Art & Architecture, Temple University; “Napoleon Sarony and the Art of Living Pictures: American Photography’s Intermedial History”; postdoctoral fellowship. 

Marika Plater, Ph.D. Candidate; Rutgers University; “Escaping New York: An Environmental History of Working-Class Leisure”; dissertation fellowship. 

Alka Raman, Ph.D. Candidate; London School of Economics and Political Science; “Learning from the muse: Indian cotton textiles and British industrialisation”; dissertation fellowship. 

Ashley Rattner, Postdoctoral Fellow; East Tennessee State University; “‘We have been with you more than one hundred years, and are still not understood’: Framing Fantasies of the Shaker-Tolstoy Correspondence”; short-term fellowship.  

Rebecca Rukeyser, Guest Faculty; Bard College Berlin; “Information Flow in Domestic Spaces: The Spread of Scandal in 18th Century Sitting Room Culture”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Cynthia Smith, Ph.D. Candidate; Miami University; “Sentimental Sailors: Rescue and Conversion in Antebellum U.S. Literature”; short-term fellowship. 

Rebecca Szantyr, Ph.D. Candidate; Brown University; “Nicolino Calyo: A Wider View of American Art, 1833-1855”; short-term fellowship. 

Amanda Thatch, MFA Candidate; University of Wisconsin, School of Human Ecology; “Books and Textiles, Structure and Content”; maker-creator fellowship.  

Nathan Tye, Assistant Professor; University of Nebraska at Kearney; “The Far Goer: Jack Taylor, Thoreau, and the Meaning of Walking, 1890s-1920s”; short-term fellowship. 

Stefania Urist, Independent Artist; “Research Garden Architecture for Sculpture Garden Installations”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Pamela F. Wik-Grimm, Independent Author; “Online GIS database of ship log data and associated contextual materials”; maker-creator fellowship. 


Rachel Thayer Boothby, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Wisconsin-Madison; “Everything but the Squeal: The Material Afterlife of the Pig in Modern America”; dissertation fellowship. 

David Bosse, Librarian and Curator of Maps; Historic Deerfield; “To Give a Pleasing Effect: Manual Coloring in Historical Context”; short-term fellowship. 

Katee Boyle, Multidisciplinary Artist; “Clothing as Necessary Armour, The Wear and Tear of Dress Codes of 17th Century through Present Day”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Lydia Mattice Brandt, Associate Professor, University of South Carolina; “The Antebellum Plantation in Popular American Visual Culture”; short-term fellowship. 

Annie Coggan, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Pratt Institute, New York School of Design; Principal, Coggan Crawford Architects; “Didactic Decorative Object on the theme of Winterthur’s Scrapbook”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Basil Considine, Visiting Faculty in Music and Graduate Writing Coordinator; University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; “The Costs of Domestic Music Making in the Early American Republic between Revolution and Civil War (1775-1865)”; short-term fellowship. 

Brett Culbert, Ph.D. Candidate; Harvard University; “Britain’s Imperial Prospects and the Aesthetic Origins of Scenographia Americana (1725-1775)”; dissertation fellowship.  

Elissa Edwards, Artistic Director for Elan Ensemble; Hammond-Harwood House Museum; “Beyond Just ‘A Lady with a Harp’: Illuminating and Contextualizing Female Musicians in the Early American Republic”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Daniel Feinberg, Assistant Professor of Design and Sculpture; Berea College; “Pavement|Adorned”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Elyse D. Gerstenecker, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Virginia; “In Some Way Southern: Lycett Studios, Newcomb Pottery, and Design in the New South”; short-term fellowship. 

Rebecca Gilbert, Independent Artist represented by The Print Center; Adjunct Faculty, The University of the Arts; Adjunct Faculty, Maryland Institute College of Art; “Visions of Plenty: Observation, Perception, Illusion, and Reverie”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Carrie Glenn, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “The Revolutionary Atlantic of Elizabeth Beauveau and John Joseph Borie: Commerce, Vulnerability and U.S. Connections with French Atlantic, 1780-1820”; dissertation fellowship. 

Reed Gochberg, Lecturer, History and Literature; Harvard University; “A House of Ideas: Museums, Science, and Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century American Literature”; short-term fellowship. 

Jessica Harvey, Photographer/Artist; the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony Archive; “Arrows of the Dawn”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Arlene Hutton, Faculty; The Barrow Group Theatre Company; “The Shakers of Mount Lebanon Will Hold a Peace Conference This Month”; short-term fellowship. 

Ana M. Lopez, Associate Professor; University of North Texas; “You See AC”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Amy H. McAuley, Owner; Oculus Fine Carpentry; “18th-Century Door Joinery”; short-term fellowship. 

Christina Michelon, Independent Scholar; “Printcraft: Making with Mass Images in Nineteenth-Century America”; postdoctoral fellowship. 

Patrick Morgan, Ph.D. Candidate; Duke University; “Manifesting Vertical Destiny: Geology, Reform, and the Stratified Earth in American Literature, Long Nineteenth Century”; short-term fellowship. 

Dawn Odell, Associate Professor; Lewis & Clark College; “Chinese Art in the Early United States”; short-term fellowship. 

Heather Ossandon, Visiting Assistant Professor; Delaware State University; “The Communal Bowl”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Colin Patrick Rydell, Ph.D. Candidate; The University of Chicago; “Alcohol in the Garden of Eden: The Cider Boom in England, 1650-1763”; short-term fellowship. 

Elizabeth Schmidt, Ph.D. Candidate; University of California, Santa Barbara; “Food Anxiety and the Development of Colonial Hybrid Identities in the Eighteenth Century British Atlantic”; short-term fellowship. 

Kimia Shahi, Ph.D. Candidate; Princeton University; “Margin, Surface, Depth: Picturing the Contours of the Marine in Nineteenth-Century America”; short-term fellowship. 

Kimberly Sherman, Ph.D. Candidate; University of St. Andrews; “‘We literally die daily’: Disease, Death, and the Remaking of Families in the American South, 1680-1820”; short-term fellowship. 

Rebecca K. Shrum, Associate Professor; Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI); “Bringing Probate Inventories into the Digital Realm: A Re-imagination of the Work of Alice Hanson Jones”; short-term fellowship. 

Kacey Stewart, Graduate Student; University of Delaware; “The Aesthetics of Classification: Field Guides and Travel Narratives”; short-term fellowship. 

Lindsay Wells, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Wisconsin-Madison; “Plant-Based Art: Indoor Gardening and the Aesthetic Movement, 1860-1900”; dissertation fellowship. 

Courtney Wilder, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; “Novel Impressions in Printed Textiles”; dissertation fellowship. 

Jordan Michael Wingate, Ph.D. Candidate; University of California, Los Angeles; “The Periodicals Origins of the American Self”; short-term fellowship. 

Elisabeth M. Yang, Ph.D. Candidate; Rutgers University; “Constructing the Moral Infant in American Medical and Scientific Discourse, 1850s-1920s”; short-term fellowship.  

Madeline Lee Zehnder, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Virginia; “Unsettling Miniatures: Reality, Scale, and Crises of Representation in America, 1790-1850”; short-term fellowship. 

Bo Zhang, Assistant Professor; Oklahoma State University; “Chinese Influences on the Designed Landscapes in the United States, From 1860 to 1940”; short-term fellowship. 


Michelle Anderson, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Home Away From Home: Temporary Housing and American Families”; short-term fellowship. 

Tabitha Baker, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Warwick; “The Embroidery Trade in Eighteenth-Century France”; dissertation fellowship. 

Lisa Binkley, Adjunct Professor; Queen’s University; “Textiles, Needlework, Design: Unstitching the Mystique of the Baltimore Album Quilts”; short-term fellowship.  

Janine Yorimoto Boldt, Ph.D. Candidate, The College of William & Mary; “The Art of Plantation Authority: Domestic Portraiture in Colonial Virginia”; short-term fellowship.  

PJ Carlino, Ph.D. Candidate; Boston University; “Made American: Industrial Design and Public Furniture, 1830-1930”; dissertation fellowship. 

Stephanie Carpenter, Lecturer; Michigan Technological University; “Many and Wide Separations: Two Novellas”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Tara Cederholm, Head of Curatorial Services and Curator, The Crosby Company; Alyce Perry Englund, Assistant Curator of American Decorative Arts, The Metropolitan Museum of Art; and Christine Thomson, Conservator and Principal, Decorative Arts Conservation LLC.; “Reevaluation of American Japanned Furniture in Context, 1700-1760”; short-term fellowship.  

Jennifer Chuong, Doctoral Candidate; Harvard University; “Surface Experiments in Early America”; short-term fellowship.  

Ben Davidson, Ph.D. Candidate; New York University; “Freedom’s Generation: Coming of Age in the Era of Emancipation”; dissertation fellowship. 

Dan Du, Visiting Assistant Professor; Wake Forest University; “Behind the Teacup: American Tea Consumption in the Nineteenth Century”; short-term fellowship. 

Eitan Freedenberg, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Rochester; “Architectural Reproduction and the American Industrial Landscape, 1900-1950”; dissertation fellowship. 

Elisabeth Gernerd, Guest Lecturer; University of Glasgow; “Têtes to Tails: Eighteenth-Century Underwear and Accessories in Britain and Colonial America”; short-term fellowship. 

Rachel Gotlieb, Adjunct Curator; Gardiner Museum; “Canadian Colonialism Served as a British Dish”; short-term fellowship.  

Jennifer A. Greenhill, Associate Professor of Art History; University of Southern California, Los Angeles; “The Commercial Imagination: American Illustration and the Materialities of the Market, 1890-1930”; short-term fellowship.  

Nalleli Guillen, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “‘Round the World Every Evening: Panoramic Spectacles and Entertainment Culture within the Transatlantic Antebellum United States”; short-term fellowship.  

Valerie Hegarty, Artist; “Creation of new work inspired by Winterthur collection”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Christopher Herbert, Doctoral Fellow; The Julliard School; “The 1747 Song of the Lonely Turtledove of Ephrata, Pennsylvania: a Study of America’s First Music Theory Treatise and its Accompanying Hymns and Motets”; short-term fellowship. 

Joseph Larnerd, Ph.D. Candidate; Stanford University; “‘The Cut Glass Age’: Crystallizations of American Culture in Cut Glass, 1876-1920”; dissertation fellowship.  

Liu Mengyu, Ph.D. Candidate; Tsinghua University; “Scientific investigation on Pigments in 18th-19th Century Chinese Export Painting”; short-term fellowship. 

Jacqueline Marie Musacchio, Professor; Wellesley College; “At Home Abroad: Anne Whitney and American Women Artists in Late Nineteenth-Century Italy”; short-term fellowship. 

Catherine O’Hara, Ph.D. Candidate; Belfast School of Art, Ulster University; “‘Irish Linen Direct – Belfast to any point in the United States’: Direct Selling Irish Linen to the Affluent American Consumer”; short-term fellowship. 

Jeffrey Richmond-Moll, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Roots/Routes: Spirituality and Modern Mobility in American Art, 1900-1945”; short-term fellowship.  

Judith Ridner, Associate Professor of History; Mississippi State University; “Clothing the Babel: The Material Culture of Ethnic Identity in Early America”; short-term fellowship. 

Rich Saltzberg, MFA Candidate; Florida Atlantic University; “The Saltzbergs: A Journey in Wood;” maker-creator fellowship.  

Sean “Purl” Samoheyl, Chairmaker; Twin Oaks Community; “Labor and Function: Shakers in comparison to a Modern Utopian Society”; maker-creator fellowship. 

Blevin Shelnutt, Postdoctoral Lecturer in English; New York University; “Print Capital: Broadway and U.S. Literary Production, 1836-1860”; postdoctoral fellowship.  

Rachel Walker, Ph.D. Candidate and Mary Savage Snouffer Dissertation Fellow; University of Maryland; “A Beautiful Mind: Faces, Beauty, and Brainsin the Anglo-Atlantic World, 1780-1860”; short-term fellowship. 


Johanna Amos, Assistant Adjunct Professor; Queen’s University; “Kashmiri and ‘Indian’ Shawls in North America”; short-term fellowship.  

Jessica Blake, Ph.D. Candidate; University of California at Davis; “A Taste for Disaster: Racial Formation and the Garment Markets of Revolutionary-era New Orleans”; dissertation fellowship. 

Jamie Bolker, Ph.D. Candidate; Fordham University; “Lost and Found: Wayfinding in Early American Literature”; dissertation fellowship. 

Jamie L. Brummitt, Ph.D. Candidate; Duke University; “Protestant Relics: The Politics of Religion & the Art of Mourning in the Early American Republic”; short-term fellowship. 

William L. Coleman, Postdoctoral Fellow in American Art; Washington University in St. Louis; “Painting Houses: The Domestic Landscape of the Hudson River School”; postdoctoral fellowship. 

Nicholas P. Cooley, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Iowa; “’Extensions of Ourselves’: Hand Tools and the Construction of Nature in Nineteenth-Century American Literature, 1823-1873”; short-term fellowship. 

Nika Elder, Visiting Assistant Professor, Modern & Contemporary Art; University of Florida; “William Harnett’s Curious Objects”; short-term fellowship. 

Bryce Evans, Senior Lecturer in History; Liverpool Hope University; “Ethnic Tradition and American Nation-Building: Evidence from the Downs Collection and Archive”; short-term fellowship.  

Ernest Freeberg, Professor; University of Tennessee; “Origin of Animal Rights in Gilded Age America”; short-term fellowship.  

Sonia Hazard, Ph.D. Candidate; Duke University; “The Touch of the Word: Evangelical Cultures of Print in Antebellum America”; dissertation fellowship.  

Fionnuala Hart Gerrity, Collections Care Conservation Technician; Harvard University Library; “Exercise Books at Winterthur: A Case Study in Early American Blankbooks”; short-term fellowship. 

Freya Gowrley, Visiting Lecturer, History of Art Department; University of Edinburgh; “Assembling the Shelf: Collage and Identity, 1770-1900”; short-term fellowship. 

Rachel Gross, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Wisconsin, Madison; “From Buckskin to Gore-Tex: Consumption as a Path to Mastery in Twentieth-Century American Wilderness Recreation”; short-term fellowship. 

Kristine Juncker, Independent Scholar; “Addressing Stereotypes: Cuban Diasporic Artists, Photographic Postcard Media and Responses to the Past”; short-term fellowship. 

Kelly Kean, Ph.D. Candidate; University of California, Davis; “Farmers Plots to Backlot Stewpots: Creating the Culinary Creolism of Urban Antebellum Charleston”; short-term fellowship. 

Laura C. Keim, Curator; Stenton Museum & University of Pennsylvania; “Hornor’s Blue Book, Philadelphia Furniture: A Colonial Revival Icon Reconsidered”; short-term fellowship. 

Margaretta M. Lovell, Professor; University of California, Berkeley; “The Cabinetmaker’s Apprentice”; short-term fellowship. 

Joseph Manca, Nina J. Cullinan Professor of Art and Art History, and Professor of Art History; Rice University; “Shaker Vision: Forms, Beauty, and Belief”; short-term fellowship. 

Caroline McCaffrey-Howarth, Arts and Humanities Research Council PhD Candidate; Centre for the Study of the Art and Antiques Market, School of History of Art, The University of Leeds; “’Sèvres-mania’: The History of Collecting French Sèvres Porcelain in Britain 1802-1882”; short-term fellowship. 

Krystyna Michael, Ph.D. Candidate; City University of New York Graduate Center; “The Urban Domestic: Domesticity, Space and Aesthetics in 19th and 20th Century American Literature and Culture”; short-term fellowship. 

William M. Motley, Independent Researcher; “Chinese Export Porcelains en grisaille and their European print sources”; short-term fellowship.  

Del-Louise Moyer, Independent Scholar and Research Consultant; “Heavenly Fraktur: How Fraktur Influenced Moravian and Pennsylvania German Material Culture”; short-term fellowship. 

Kate Mulry, Assistant Professor; California State University, Bakersfield; “Unwholesome Tinctures: Inoculation and Questions of Heredity in the Early Eighteenth-Century Anglo Atlantic”; short-term fellowship. 

Kelli Nelson, Ph.D. Candidate; Mississippi State University; “Fearing the Reaper: Religion, Nature, and Death in Nineteenth-Century America”; short-term fellowship. 

Amanda Pullan, Cultural Engagement Fellow for Edwardian Postcard Project; Lancaster University; “Women’s Cultural Literacy and Domestic Textiles in the Atlantic World, c. 1600-1800”; short-term fellowship. 

Molly Reed, Ph.D. Candidate; Cornell University; “Ecology of Utopia: Environmental Discourse and Practice in Antebellum Communal Settlements”; short-term fellowship. 

Jaclyn Schultz, Ph.D. Candidate; University of California, Santa Cruz; “C is for Consumer: American Childhood and the Rise of Commodity Capitalism, 1850-1900”; short-term fellowship. 

Amy Sopcak-Joseph, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Connecticut; “’Converting Rags into Gold’: Godey’s Lady’s Book, Female Consumers, and the Business of Periodical Publishing in the Nineteenth Century”; short-term fellowship. 

Sarah Elaine Thomas, Ph.D. Candidate; College of William and Mary; “Objects of the Early Southern Backcountry: The People of Shenandoah County and their Material Culture”; short-term fellowship. 

Caroline Wigginton, Assistant Professor of English; University of Mississippi; “Nature’s Art: Commodities, Materials Culture, and Books in Early America”; short-term fellowship. 


Mary C. Beaudry, Professor of Archaeology, Anthropology, and Gastronomy; Boston University; “Gastronomical Archaeology: Food, Materiality, and the Aesthetics of Dining”; short-term fellowship.  

Nicole Belolan, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Navigating the World: The Material Culture of Physical Mobility Impairment in the Early American North, 1700-1861;” dissertation fellowship. 

Carla Cevasco, Ph.D Candidate; Harvard University; “Feast, Fast, and Flesh: The Violence of Hunger in Colonial New England and New France”; short-term fellowship.  

Ben Davidson, Ph.D. Candidate; New York University; “Freedom’s Generation: Coming of Age in the Era of Emancipation”; short-term fellowship.  

Lynn Edgar, Independent Scholar; “Bespoke Children’s Clothing: Evidence of Children’s Clothing in 18th Century Tailor’s Daybooks”; short-term fellowship. 

Jeannine Falino, Adjunct Curator; Museum of Arts and Design; “Gilded Age in America”; short-term fellowship. 

Katrina E. Greene, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Modern American Intermediality, 1880-1930: Painting, Etching, Photography, Sculpture, Textiles”; short-term fellowship. 

Diana Greenwald, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Oxford; “Distinction and Development: Economic and Social Determinants of Artistic Taste in the United States, 1830-1880”; dissertation fellowship. 

Kerry Hackett, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Central Lancashire; “Shaker medicine in New York State: 1815-1860”; short-term fellowship. 

Amy E. Hughes, Associate Professor and Deputy Chair for Graduate Studies; Brooklyn College, City University New York; “An Actor’s Tale: Theater, Culture, and Everyday Life in Nineteenth-Century America”; short-term fellowship. 

Laura Turner Igoe, Postdoctoral Research Associate; Princeton University Art Museum; “Art and Ecology in the Early Republic”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship. 

Elizabeth Keslacy, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Michigan; “A New Kind of Design: The Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum (1896-1976)”; dissertation fellowship.  

Rebecca J. Keyel, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Wisconsin-Madison; “Knitting for Victory: Women’s Volunteerism in the World Wars”; short-term fellowship.  

Michael Kideckel, Ph.D. Candidate; Columbia University; “When Food Became Natural: Industrial Food Culture and the Marketing of Reform”; short-term fellowship. 

Cecilia Macheski, Professor Emerita; LaGuardia Community College, The City University of New York; “Transporting Venice: Americans Abroad 1865-1940”; short-term fellowship.  

Thomas Luke Manget, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Georgia; “Root Diggers and Herb Gatherers: An Environmental History of the Botanical Drug Industry in the United States”; short-term fellowship. 

Chantal Meslin-Perrier, Conservateur Général du Patrimoine Chercheur associé à l’INHA; Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art; “The Art of Dining in the United States from the 17th Century up to 1936”; short-term fellowship. 

Katherine Miller, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Virginia; “Ammi B. Young and the U. S. Office of the Supervising Architect, 1852-62”; dissertation fellowship.  

Michael Nix, Independent Scholar; “Norwich textiles and the transatlantic trade with North America, 1750–1820”; short-term fellowship.  

Andrea Pappas, Associate Professor of Art History; Santa Clara University; Embroidering the Landscape in Early America”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship. 

Laura Ping, Ph.D. Candidate; The Graduate Center, City University of New York; “Throwing off ‘the Drapery:’ Women and the Bloomer Costume, 1820- 1900”; short-term fellowship. 

Laura Soderberg, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Pennsylvania; “Vicious Infants: Antisocial Childhoods and the Politics of Population in the Antebellum United States”; short-term fellowship.  

Sarah Templier, Ph.D. Candidate; Johns Hopkins University; “Between Merchants, Shopkeepers, Tailors and Thieves: Circulating and Consuming Clothes, Textiles and Fashion in Eighteenth-Century North America”; short-term fellowship.  

Margaret A. Toth, Associate Professor of English; Manhattan College; “Bric-a-brac and Textiles: Consumer Orientalism at the Turn into the Twentieth Century”; short-term fellowship.  

Amy C. Wallace, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Toronto; “Towards a Unity of the Arts and Life: Artistic Communities in the United States, 1870–1930”; short-term fellowship. 

Katherine Wheeler, Assistant Professor of Practice; University of Miami School of Architecture; “Graphic Intercessors: The Architectural Working Drawing”; short-term fellowship.  

Edward E. Wise III, Independent Scholar; “The Maverick’s Maverick: Hervey White and the Spirit of Woodstock”; short-term fellowship.  


Zara Anishanslin, Assistant Professor; City University of New York; “Producing Revolution: The Material and Visual Culture of Making and Remembering the American Revolution”; short-term fellowship. 

Nicole Belolan, Ph.D. candidate; University of Delaware; “Navigating the World: The Material Culture of Physical Mobility Impairment in the Early American North, 1700-1861”; short-term fellowship. 

Claire Louise Blakey, Assistant Curator of Ceramics; The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery; “Bringing China to Stoke-on-Trent: A Collection of Early 20th-Century Porcelain at the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery”; short-term fellowship.  

Alison Boyd, Ph.D. candidate; Northwestern University; “Ensemble Modernism: Orchestrating Art and People at the Barnes Foundation”; short-term fellowship. 

Jennifer Chuong, Graduate student; Harvard University; “Glass as Supplemental Architecture in Early America”; short-term fellowship. 

Amber M. Clawson, Graduate research assistant; Middle Tennessee State University; “Symbols of America’s ‘Backcountry’ Republic: Tennessee’s ‘Rope and Tassel’ Furniture”; short-term fellowship. 

Michael D’Alessandro, Ph.D. candidate; Boston University; “Staged Readings: Sensationalism and Class in Popular American Literature and Theatre, 1835-1875”; dissertation fellowship.  

Jennifer Dorsey, Associate Professor of History; Siena College; “Tending the Empire: The Life of George Holcomb (1791-1856)”; short-term fellowship. 

Heidi Louise Egginton, Graduate student; Newnham College, University of Cambridge; “Cultures of Amateur Antique and Curio Collecting in Britain, c.1868-1939”; short-term fellowship. 

Katherine Fama, Volkswagen Postdoctoral Research Fellow; John F. Kennedy School of North-American Studies, Free University Berlin, and Washington University, St. Louis; “The Literary Architecture of Singleness: American Fiction and the Production of Women’s Independent Space, 1880-1929”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.  

Lydia Garver, Principal Investigator, Archaeology Project at the Speaker’s House; Indiana University, Bloomington; “The Pastor’s House”; short-term fellowship. 

Ann Smart Martin, Stanley and Polly Stone (Chipstone) Professor and Director, Material Culture  Program; University of Wisconsin, Madison; “Banish the Night: Domestic Illumination and Reflection before the Light Bulb”; short-term fellowship.  

Cheryl-Lynn May, Curatorial Assistant; Wexner Center for the Arts, The Ohio State University; Undressing the Dressed Portrait Miniature: The History, Context, and Significance of Eighteenth- and Nineteenth- Century Collage Portraiture”; short-term fellowship. 

Christina Michelon, Ph.D. candidate; University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; “Prints & Personalization: Negotiating Reproducibility and Uniqueness in the Nineteenth-Century American Home”; short-term fellowship.  

Audrey Millet, Ph.D. candidate; University Paris 8 and University Neuchâtel, Switzerland; “Towards a Global History of the ‘Factory Design’: Draughtsmen between Europe and the North American East Coast in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries”; short-term fellowship. 

Lauren Palmor, Ph.D. candidate; University of Washington; “Visualizing Age in Victorian Britain and America: A Typological Survey”; dissertation fellowship.  

William Riehm, Assistant Professor; Mississippi State University; “‘In-between’ Creole and Anglo-American: Material Culture following the Louisiana Purchase”; short-term fellowship.  

Karen Sanchez-Eppler, L. Stanton Williams 1941 Professor of American Studies and English; Amherst College; “In the Archives of Childhood: Personal and Historical Pasts”; short-term fellowship. 

Amber Shaw, Assistant Professor; Coe College; “The Fabric of the Nation: Textiles, Nationhood, and Identity in the Mid-Nineteenth Century”; short-term fellowship. 

Julia A. Sienkewicz; Assistant Professor; Duquesne University; “Epic Landscapes: Benjamin Henry Latrobe’s Virginian Watercolors, 1795-1799”; short-term fellowship. 

D. Albert Soeffing, Independent Scholar; “The Career of Allen Leonard, Artist, Silversmith and Die-Sinker and His Production of American Architectural Card Cases: Social Aspects of Visiting Card Culture in Nineteenth-Century America”; short-term fellowship. 

Whitney Stewart, Ph.D. Candidate; Rice University; “The Politics of Black Womanhood in the Nineteenth Century”; short-term fellowship. 

Jennifer Streb, Associate Professor & Curator; Juniata College Museum of Art; “The Art and Science of Portrait Miniatures”; short-term fellowship. 

Yolanda Theunissen, Curator, Osher Map Library; Director, Smith Center for Cartographic Education, University of Southern Maine; “Mastering Spatial Literacy with Pictorial Maps, Games and Toys from 1750 to the Present”; short-term fellowship. 

Amy Torbert, Ph.D. candidate; University of Delaware; “Going Places: The Material and Imaginary Geographies of Prints in the Atlantic World, 1770-1840”; dissertation fellowship.  

Rachel Zimmerman, Ph.D. candidate; University of Delaware; “Global Luxuries: Art and Material Culture in the Eighteenth-Century Elite Home in Minas Gerais, Brazil”; dissertation fellowship.  


Amanda Casper, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Home Alteration in Industrial Philadelphia, 1865 to 1925”; dissertation fellowship.  

Michael Clapper, Associate Professor of Art History; Franklin & Marshall College; “Popular Art in America: Mass Reproduction and Middle-Class Taste”; short-term fellowship.  

William L. Coleman, Ph.D. Candidate; University of California, Berkeley; “Thomas Cole’s Buildings: Architecture in Painting and Practice in the Early Republic”; short-term fellowship.  

Erin Corrales-Diaz, Ph.D. Candidate; University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; “Remembering the Veteran: Disability, Trauma and the American Civil War, 1861-1915”; short-term fellowship.  

Laurel Daen, Ph.D. Candidate; College of William and Mary; “Civic Capacity and the Constitution of Disability in the Early American Republic”; short-term fellowship. 

Alice Dolan, Ph.D. Researcher; University of Hertfordshire, School of Humanities; “Linen and Human Life Cycles: Everyday Experience in England, c. 1680-1810”; short-term fellowship. 

Patricia Edmonson, Intergenerational Interpretation Specialist; The Cleveland Museum of Art; “Art & Industry: The Art-in-Trades Club of New York”; short-term fellowship. 

Rebecca Lee Fifield, Collections Manager, Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas; Metropolitan Museum of Art; “Lately Imported: Dress and Self-Fashioning of Female Indentured and Enslaved Servants, 1750-1790” and “The American Institute of Conservation’s Collection Care Network”; short-term fellowship.   

Javier Grossutti, Independent Scholar; Department of Humanities, University of Trieste; “The Herter Brothers Firm and the Introduction of Marble Mosaic in America”; short-term fellowship.  

Thomas A. Guiler, Doctoral Candidate; Syracuse University; “The Handcrafted Utopia: Arts and Crafts Communities in America’s Progressive Era”; short-term fellowship.  

Mary Ann Haagen, Visiting Scholar; Dartmouth College; “The New Hampshire Shakers on Trial, 1848-1849”; short-term fellowship.  

Leonie Hannan, Teaching Fellow; University College London; “Material Matters: The Early Modern Home as a Site for Scientific Enquiry”; short-term fellowship.  

Christine Henderson, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Connecticut; “The American Literary Imagination & World’s Fairs: 1851-1909”; short-term fellowship.  

Martha Libster, Professor of Nursing; Governors State University; “Near and Dear Sisters – The Spirit of Nursing in Antebellum Shaker Communities”; short-term fellowship.  

Christopher J. Lukasik, Associate Professor of English and American Studies; Purdue University; “The Image in the Text”; short-term fellowship.  

Kirin Makker, Assistant Professor; Hobart and William Smith Colleges; “The Myths of Main Street”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship. 

Anna O. Marley, Curator of Historical American Art; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art; “American Impressionism and the Garden, 1889-1920”; short-term fellowship. 

John Murphy, Ph.D. Candidate; Northwestern University; “Comrades in Craft: Arts and Crafts Colonies in the United States, 1896-1916”; dissertation fellowship. 

Jeff Peachey, Independent Book Conservator; “In-board Bindings and the Beginning of Industrialized Bookbinding in America and England, 1800-1840”; short-term fellowship.  

M. Christina Roberts, Registrar; The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia; “Plant to Print: Modern Methods for the Cultivation and Production of Natural Dyes”; short-term fellowship. 

Alexandra Socarides, Assistant Professor; University of Missouri; The Lyric Pose: Antebellum American Women’s Poetry and the Problem of Recovery”; short-term fellowship.  

Rachel A. Snell, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Maine; “‘Woman’s sphere is wherever she makes good’: Domesticity and Anglo-American Women’s Roles, 1790-1860”; short-term fellowship. 

Erin Sweeney, Ph.D. Candidate; University of California, Irvine; “Dwelling in Possibility: Spatial Practice and Innovation in the Nineteenth Century American Novel”; dissertation fellowship.  

Kristina Taketomo, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Pennsylvania; “Cold, White, and Clean: American Aesthetics and the Modern Refrigerator”; short-term fellowship.  

Eric Weichel, Graduate Student; Queen’s University; “‘Whether France Will Be Concerned in It or Not’: Francophilia and Polyculturalism in the Visual and Material Culture of Eighteenth-Century British North America”; short-term fellowship.  


Gretchen Voter Abbott, Ph.D. Candidate; Rutgers University; “Nineteenth Century Women’s Experiences of Aging in the United States”; short-term fellowship.  

Ellen Avitts, Assistant Professor of Art History; University of Central Washington; “’Doesn’t It Look Like a Happy Place to Live?’ House Merchandising and Ideas of Home”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.  

Christopher P. Barton, Doctoral Candidate; Temple University; “Identity and Improvisation: the Archaeology of Consumption at the African American Community of Timbuctoo, NJ”; dissertation fellowship.  

Lynne Zacek Bassett, Independent Curator; American Museum of Textile History; “American Dress in the Romantic Era, 1810-1860”; short-term fellowship.  

Sarah Beetham, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Sculpting the Citizen Soldier: Reproduction and National Memory, 1865-1917”; dissertation fellowship.  

Wendy Bellion, Associate Professor; University of Delaware; “What Statues Remember: Sculpture and Iconoclasm in American History”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.  

Xavier Bonnet, Independent Upholsterer and Upholstery Historian; “From Paris to Philadelphia: Georges Bertault (1733/?) A Major Protagonist for Introduction of French Upholstery Taste and Techniques in late 18th-century America”; short-term fellowship.  

Alena Buis, Ph.D. Candidate; Queens University; “Homeliness and Worldliness: Domestic Material Culture in New Netherland and New York, 1600-1725”; dissertation fellowship.  

Mara Caden, Ph.D. Candidate; Yale University; “Making Imperial Capitalism: The Process of Manufacturing in the British Empire, 1696-1740”; short-term fellowship.  

Noel A. Carmack, Assistant Professor of Art, Drawing & Painting; Utah State University; “Incidents in an Engineer’s Life in the Far West: James R. Maxwell and the Union Pacific Railroad Survey”; short-term fellowship.  

Amanda Casper, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Making Home: Altering the Home in Industrial America, 1850-1950”; short-term fellowship.  

Justin Clark, Doctoral Candidate; University of Southern California; “Training the Eye: Romantic Vision and Class Formation in Boston, 1830-1870”; dissertation fellowship.  

Katelyn Crawford, Doctoral Candidate; University of Virginia; “Itinerant Portraits in the Late Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic World”; short-term fellowship.  

Margaretta Frederick, Chief Curator and Curator of the Samuel and Mary R. Bancroft Collection; Delaware Art Museum; “‘Products of Artistic Effect’: The Lighting Designs of W.A.S. Benson”; short-term fellowship.  

Nancy Green, Gale & Ira Drukier Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs; Herbert Johnson Museum of Art; “Exhibiting Japan”; short-term fellowship.  

Stephen Hague, Supernumerary Fellow; Linacre College, Oxford University; “The Gentleman’s House: Material Culture and Social Status in the British Atlantic World, 1680-1770”; short-term fellowship.  

Kelli Towers Jasper, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Colorado-Boulder; “Gathering Flowers: Romantic-Era Botanico-Literary Production and the Trans-Atlantic Mediation of Culture”; short-term fellowship. 

Shana Klein, Ph.D. Candidate; University of New Mexico; “The Fruits of America: Contextualizing Food in American Still-Life Representation, 1850-1900”; short-term fellowship. 

Jay Lemire, M.A. Candidate; Bard Graduate Program; “Vernay, Inc.: A Case Study of the Social History of the American Antiques Market, 1904-1940”; short-term fellowship.  

James D. McMahon, Jr., Director; School of History, Pennsylvania State University-Harrisburg; “The Swiss Bank House in Pennsylvania: Constructing Identity in Eighteenth Century Pennsylvania German Rural Vernacular Architecture”; short-term fellowship. 

Jennifer Burek Pierce, Associate Professor; University of Iowa; “Toward a History of the Role of Games and Toys in American Public Libraries”; short-term fellowship.   

Einav Rabinovitch-Fox, Ph.D. Candidate; New York University; “This is What a Feminist Looks Like: The Construction of the New Woman Imagery through Fashion and the Political Culture of American Feminism, 1890-1940”; short-term fellowship.  

Sarah Fayen Scarlett, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Wisconsin-Madison; “Taste and Space on College Avenue”; short-term fellowship.  

Ashli White, Assistant Professor; University of Miami; “Object Lessons of the Revolutionary Atlantic”; short-term fellowship.  

Clay Zuba, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Unstable Images: Native American Representation and Imperial Identity, 1676-1861”; short-term fellowship.  


Alexandra T. Anderson, M.A. Candidate; Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum; “The Byrdcliffe Arts Colony: Landscape, Stewardship, and Aesthetics”; short-term fellowship.  

Anna Arabindan-Kesson, Ph.D. Candidate; Yale University; “Threads of Empire: Art and The Cotton Trade in the Indian and Atlantic Ocean Worlds, 1780-1900”; dissertation fellowship.  

Kelly Brennan Arehart, Graduate Student; College of William and Mary; “Give Up Your Dead: How Business, Technology and Society Separated Americans from their Dearly-Departed, 1790-1930”; short-term fellowship.   

Jennifer Betsworth, Graduate Student; University of South Carolina; “‘Then Came the Peaceful Invasion of the Northerners’: The Impact of Outsiders on Plantation Architecture in Georgetown County, South Carolina”; short-term fellowship.  

Susan Hanket Brandt, Ph.D. Candidate; Temple University; “Gifted Women and Skilled Practitioners: Gender and Healing Authority in the Mid-Atlantic Region, 1740-1830”; short-term fellowship.  

Sara Rivers Cofield, Curator of Federal Collections; Maryland Archaeological conservation laboratory at Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum; “Bridles, Bosses, Saddles, and Spurs: Interpreting Colonial Horse Equipage in the Archaeological Record”; short-term fellowship.  

Kathleen Daly, Graduate Student; Boston University; “Shapely Bodies: The Material Culture of Women’s Health, 1880-1920”; short-term fellowship. 

Frederika Eilers, Ph.D. Candidate; McGill University, School of Architecture; “Building Toys and Toying Buildings: Constructing (or domesticating) Children through Blocks, Dollhouses, and Playrooms”; short-term fellowship.  

Ernest Freeberg, Distinguished Professor of Humanities; University of Tennessee; “Incandescent America: Electric Light and America’s Culture of Invention”; short-term fellowship.  

Kara French, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; “The Politics of Sexual Restraint: Debates over Chastity in America 1780-1850”; dissertation fellowship.  

Janice E. Frisch, Doctoral Student; Indiana University; “A Historical Study of Transatlantic Influences on the Emergence of the Block-Style Quilt in the United States”; short-term fellowship.  

Christian Goodwillie, Curator of Special Collections; Hamilton College Library; “Biography of Richard McMemar and Critical Edition of Isaac Young’s ‘Concise View’”; short-term fellowship.  

Mazie M. Harris, Ph.D. Candidate; Brown University; “Fancy Photography on Broadway, 1859-1882”; short-term fellowship.  

Christian Koot, Assistant Professor; Towson University; “The Merchant, the Map and Empire: Augustine Herrman’s America and Cross-Cultural Exchange, 1644-1673”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.  

Erin Leary, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Rochester; “Sowing the Seeds of Nativism and Eugenics in Gardening and the Domestic Arts, 1893-1923”; dissertation fellowship.  

Robyn McMillin, Independent Scholar; “Science in the American Style, 1700-1800”; short-term fellowship.  

Jean D. Portell, Art conservator, retired; “Biography of Sheldon and Caroline K. Keck”; short-term fellowship.  

Josh Probert, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Gilded Religion in the Age of Tiffany”; dissertation fellowship.  

Melinda Rabb, Professor; Brown University; “Mimesis Reconsidered: Miniaturization in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture”; short-term fellowship.  

Nancy Siegel, Associate Professor; Towson University; “Political Appetites: Revolution, Taste, and Culinary Activism in the Early Republic”; short-term fellowship.  

Sally Tuckett, Undergraduate Tutor; University of Edinburgh; “Heritage and Design: Scottish Influences on Textiles and Clothing in Nineteenth-Century America”; short-term fellowship.  

Catherine Walsh, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Tell Me a Story: Narrative and Orality in Nineteenth-Century American Visual Culture”; short-term fellowship.  

Emilie Johnson Wheeler, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Virginia; “The Great House and Beyond: Plantation Complexes and Networks in the Antebellum Deep South”; short-term fellowship.  

Virginia J. Whelan, Textile conservator in private practice; “A Survey of Original Frame Styles for Philadelphia Needlework (1725-1830)”; short-term fellowship.  

Kemble Widmer, Independent scholar; “The Nathaniel Gould Ledgers”; short-term fellowship.  

Chi-ming Yang, Assistant Professor; University of Pennsylvania; “Global Culture and the Lives of Objects, 1600-1800”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.  


Anne Anderson, Research Fellow; University of Exeter, School of English; “‘A Backward Glance: Furnishing with Antiques in the Gilded Age and Beyond”; short-term fellowship.  

Ashley Barnes, Ph.D. Candidate; University of California, Berkeley; “An American Love Story: Narrative Ethics and the Novel from Stowe to James”; short-term fellowship.  

Jane F. Crosthwaite, Professor of Religion; Mount Holyoke College; “The Divine Book of Holy Mother Wisdom: Construction of a Shaker Sacred Text”; short-term fellowship.  

Anna M. Dempsey, Associate Professor of Art History; University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; “Working Women Artists: Images of Domesticity and the Construction of American Modernism, 1880-1930”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship. 

Christian DuComb, Ph.D. Candidate; Brown University; “From the Meschianza to the Mummers Parade: Racial and Gender Impersonation in Philadelphia”; short-term fellowship.  

Jennifer Elliott, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Virginia; “The Neoclassical Backcountry: Architecture, Material Culture and Hybrid Identities in the American South, 1780-1830”; short-term fellowship.  

Ross Fox, Associate Curator, Early Canadian Decorative Arts; Royal Ontario Museum; “Exploring Relationships in Construction and Design Among the Furniture of New England, New York and Montreal, 1790-1820”; short-term fellowship.  

Vanessa Habib, Independent Scholar; “Transatlantic Craftsmanship: Scotch Carpets in the American Colonies”; short-term fellowship.  

Christina J. Hodge, Senior Curatorial Assistant; Peabody Museum, Harvard University; “A Genteel Revolution: Practical Refinements of New England’s Middling Sorts”; short-term fellowship. 

Sarah M. Iepson, Doctoral Candidate; Temple University; “Postmortem Relationships: Death and the Child in Antebellum American Visual Culture”; short-term fellowship.  

Sarah Keyes, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Southern California; “Circling Back: Migration to the Pacific and the Reconfiguration of America, 1820-1900”; short-term fellowship.  

Melanie Kiechle, Ph.D. Candidate; Rutgers University; “The Air We Breathe: Nineteenth-Century Americans and the Search for Fresh Air”; short-term fellowship.  

Alison Klaum, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Delaware; “Pressing Flowers:  The Construction of Nature and the Preservation of Culture in Eighteenth-and Nineteenth-Century American Print”; dissertation fellowship.  

Anca I. Lasc, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Southern California; “Publishing the Interior in Nineteenth-Century Paris, 1852-1914”; short-term fellowship.  

Whitney A. Martinko, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Virginia; “Progress through Preservation: History on the American Landscape in an Age of Improvement, 1790-1860”; short-term fellowship.  

Carol A. Medlicott, Assistant Professor; Northern Kentucky University; “Now By My Motion: the Life Journey of Issachar Bates”; short-term fellowship.  

Consuela G. Metzger, Lecturer; University of Austin, School of Information; “The Material Culture of Bound Record-keeping Structures in America before 1860”; short-term fellowship.  

Christopher C. Oliver, Ph.D. Candidate; University of Virginia; “Civic Visions: The Panorama and Popular Amusement in American Art and Society, 1845-1870”; dissertation fellowship.  

Katie A. Pfohl, Ph.D. Candidate; Harvard University; “Abstraction’s Islamic Antecedents: American Modernism and Islamic Art, 1830-1930”; dissertation fellowship.  

Madelyn Shaw, Independent Scholar for the American Textile History Museum; “Homefront & Battlefield: The Civil War Through Quilts & Context”; short-term fellowship.  

David J. Silverman, Associate Professor; George Washington University; “Thundersticks: Firearms and the Transformation of Native America”; short-term fellowship.  

Ryan K. Smith, Associate Professor of History; Virginia Commonwealth University; “Robert Morris’s Folly: The Architectural and Financial Failures of an American Founder”; short-term fellowship.  

Andrea M. Truitt, Chipstone Project Assistant; University of Wisconsin-Madison; “Neither Inside nor Outside: Cozy Corners and Their Role as Intermediaries of Interiority”; short-term fellowship.  

Jennifer Van Horn, Instructor; Smithsonian/Corcoran History of Decorative Arts; “The Object of Civility and the Art of Politeness in British America”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.  

Marie von Möller, Independent Scholar; “Art History and Paintings Conservation in the Twentieth Century”; short-term fellowship.  

Bärbel Wöhlke, Doctoral Candidate; Technische Universität Dresden; “From the Boy to the Man: Visualizing Masculinity in American Genre Paintings, 1800-1870”; short-term fellowship.  


Matthew Bailey, Doctoral Candidate; Washington University in St. Louis; “Materiality in American Painting”; short-term fellowship.  

Alice Barnaby, Doctoral Candidate; University of Exeter; “Cultural Practices of Illumination, 1780-1840”; short-term fellowship.  

Christina Bisulca, Doctoral Candidate; University of Arizona; “Reconstructing a Lost N. C. Wyeth Illustration”; short-term fellowship.  

Jennifer Black, Ph.D. Student; University of Southern California; “Branding Trust: Advertising, Legitimacy, and Trademarks in US Popular Culture, 1876-1930”; dissertation fellowship.  

Michael Block, Doctoral Candidate; University of Southern California; “New England Merchants, the China Trade, and the Origins of California”; short-term fellowship.  

Jennifer Carlquist, M.A. Candidate; Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum; “The Antiquarian Career of J. A. Lloyd Hyde: Americana Business as Pleasure”; short-term fellowship. 

Laurie Churchman, Assistant Professor of Fine Art; University of Pennsylvania; “The Art and Craft of Sign Painting”; short term fellowship.  

Jennifer Egloff, Ph.D. Candidate; New York University; “Popular Numeracy in Early Modern England and British North America”; dissertation fellowship.  

Robert P. Emlen, University Curator; Brown University; “Picturing the Shakers: Illustrating Shaker Life in the Popular Press of Nineteenth-Century America”; short-term fellowship. 

Ernest Freeberg, Associate Professor of History; University of Tennessee, Knoxville; “Incandescent America: A Cultural History of the Light Bulb; short-term fellowship.  

Christian Goodwillie, Curator of Rare Books and Special Collections; Hamilton College Library; “Hancock Shaker Village Guidebook and Isaac Newton Young’s ‘Concise View’”; short-term fellowship.  

Margaret K. Hofer, Curator of Decorative Arts; The New-York Historical Society; “Silver at The New-York Historical Society”; short-term fellowship.  

Abigail Lundelius, Doctoral Candidate; University of South Carolina; “Shall We Gather at the Table?”; short-term fellowship.  

Aaron McCullough, Doctoral Candidate; Michigan State University; “Masculine Interiors and Transnational Commodities, 1880-1920”; short-term fellowship.  

Roderick McDonald, Professor of History; Rider University; “The Ethnography and Pornography of Slavery: Dr. Jonathan Troup’s Journal of Dominica, 1789-1791”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.  

John Lardas Modern, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies; Franklin & Marshall College; “Haunted Modernity; or, the Metaphysics of Secularism in Antebellum America”; National Endowment for the Humanities postdoctoral fellowship.  

Tanya Pohrt, Doctoral Candidate; University of Delaware; “Touring Pictures: The Exhibition of American History Paintings in the Early Republic”; short-term fellowship.  

Kate Smith, Doctoral Candidate; University of Warwick; “Eighteenth-Century British Ceramics Industry – Ideas of Skill and Workmanship”; short-term fellowship.  

Arden Stern, Doctoral Candidate; University of California, Irvine; “Slanted, Shredded, and Simulated: A Cultural History of the Unruly Typeface”; short-term fellowship.  

Joseph Stubenrauch, Doctoral Candidate; University of Indiana; “Faith in Goods: Evangelicalism, Materiality, and Consumer Culture in Nineteenth-Century Britain”; short-term fellowship. 

Anne Verplanck, Independent Scholar; “The Graphic Arts in Philadelphia, 1780-1880”; short-term fellowship.