Drop in for crafts, games, and demonstrations inspired by Jacqueline Kennedy’s White House restoration in the 1960s. Activities will introduce design, history, art, cultural conservation, and architectural preservation to kids ages 3–10 and the adults they bring with them. Special guests will highlight extraordinary skills and behind-the-scenes work at Winterthur. $5, adults; $5, children ages 2–12. Additional adults, $15. Members and children under 2, free.

July 19—Rose Garden: Flower Power

Learn about gardens, flowers, and natural inspiration. Meet glass blower Madeline Smith.

July 26—China Room: Dynamic Ceramics. 

This week, we will focus on ceramics, trade, and display. Meet ceramic artist Heather Ossandon.

August 2—Children’s Rooms: Pets and Play

This week, we will focus on pets, toys, and games.

August 9—Red Room: Fantastic Fabrics

Learn about textiles, fiber arts, and decor, meet members of the Harmony Weavers & Fiber Guild.

August 16—Blue Room: Contrasting Compositions 

French and American Empire styles, Gilding, Yuletide

August 23—East Room: Entertainment Extravaganza

This week, we will focus on performance, arts, and culture.

August 30—Diplomatic Reception Room: Parley and Printmaking

Learn about printmaking, diplomacy, and restoration, and meet printers from Lead Graffiti.