What's in Bloom

Peonies in bloom

When H. F. du Pont was developing the Winterthur Garden he kept a weekly listing of what was in bloom--a tradition the Garden Division staff continue today. The Yearly Bloom Calendar summarizes the seasonal reports for one year at Winterthur. Since each year will vary somewhat based on seasonal temperatures, please visit the Winterthur Garden Blog to find out what is currently in bloom. For your own garden, you can adopt many of the ideas that H. F. du Pont employed to create his masterpiece of color and design. To learn more about our plant combinations, click on Major Plant Groupings. For a listing of Winterthur plants that flower, berries, and foliage in summer and fall, click on Summer Color in the Garden or Fall Color in the Garden.

Wondering what’s in bloom? Ask us on Instagram @winterthurbloom or visit the Garden Blog.

For further information, see The Winterthur Garden: Henry Francis du Pont's Romance with the Land, by Denise Magnani (New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1995).


Top Image: Peonies in bloom

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