Graduate Programs

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Graduate Study at Winterthur

Winterthur proudly sponsors two graduate programs with the University of Delaware. The Winterthur Program in American Material Culture (WPAMC) was founded in 1952 to prepare museum curators. The Winterthur-University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation (WUDPAC) was founded in 1974 to prepare conservators of works of art and cultural heritage. Together, these programs boast nearly 750 graduates. In their hands rests the study, interpretation and conservation of objects significant to the history and culture of their communities. Through their work in museums, historic sites, conservation laboratories, cultural organizations, and arts advocacy, they steward the material patrimony of the United States and, increasingly, the world.

The WPAMC students earn a master of arts degree in American material culture from the University of Delaware. Some pursue the Ph.D. in history, art history and related fields. Others work as curators, directors, educators, and development officers for museums, historic sites and other arts organizations. 

The WUDPAC students earn a master of science degree in art conservation. Some pursue the Ph.D. in materials science, preservation studies, or related fields. Others work as conservators either in institutions or as private consultants.

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