Winterthur Garden & Landscape Society

Established in 2003, Winterthur Garden & Landscape Society is a committed group garden enthusiasts who support the preservation and sharing of Winterthur's historic garden. Membership within Garden & Landscape Society is $5,000 annually. This group provides critical support for the necessary ongoing maintenance of the over 60-acre garden so its beauty can be appreciated by the thousand of visitors who explore the garden each year as well as share the Winterthur Garden by funding special research and programs.

Members of Garden & Landscape Society are offered unique access to the Winterthur Garden in appreciation of their generosity, plus all the benefits of a general membership. Highlights of Garden & Landscape Society include:

  • Exclusive Winterthur Garden & Landscape Society events.
  • Personalized Garden visits with Winterthur's horticulturists.

We invite you to join this special group of gardeners and garden enthusiasts. For more information, please contact the Garden & Landscape Society office at 302.888.4673 or

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