Who's Your Daddy? Families in Early American Needlework

October 4, 2008—August 17, 2009

Historians have long recognized that family networks play a crucial role in the social, political, commercial, and religious activities of both men and women. The exhibition explored the importance of families with regard to samplers and needlework pictures; how needlework can serve as primary source material for historical and genealogical research; and how needlework served to strengthen family ties through gifts and inheritance by subsequent generations.



Web Cast

Learn more about Winterthur's needlework collection in this Web cast of curator Linda Eaton discussing several important pieces in the exhibition. Support for this web cast provided by Mr. and Mrs. Barr E. Asplundh.



Gallery Guide

View the Who’s Your Daddy? gallery guide for an in-depth look at the exhibition’s stunning samplers and needlework pictures.

Support for this gallery guide provided by Mr. and Mrs. Hans G. Fleischner.

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