Maker-Creator Fellowship

These two- to six-week fellowships are designed for artists, writers, filmmakers, horticulturalists, craftspeople, and others who wish to examine, study, and immerse themselves in Winterthur’s vast collections in order to inspire creative and artistic works. The aim of this initiative is to open Winterthur's collections to a wider audience who can interpret the past and its collections in unique and imaginative ways.

Stipend: $1,750 per month.

Some examples of projects include (but are not limited to):

  • Visual artists looking to gain inspiration and hone techniques from our vast prints and paintings collection.
  • Ceramicists who would like to examine our collections to learn the techniques and styles of early American potters in order to replicate similar forms.
  • Filmmakers researching images and archival evidence for a documentary film.
  • Woodworkers who want to study our large collection of furniture and design sources for help in recreating and mastering the skills involved in early American cabinetmaking.
  • Horticulturalists who want to study landscape design, gardening, and its history at Winterthur.
  • Authors working on historical fictions who wish to research daily life in the Americas in a global context from 1600s to the present day.

At this time, Winterthur cannot offer studio spaces to working artists. These fellowships are intended primarily as opportunities for makers and creators to immerse themselves in Winterthur's museum, garden, and library collections in order to study and research American life from the 17th through the 20th centuries. Fellows may share their work and gain new perspectives from others on site, including librarians, curators, conservators, students, and other fellows.

Please follow the application instructions outlined here. We ask that Maker-Creator Fellowship applicants to the maker-creator applicant pay particular attention to their essay and concisely outline their proposed research at Winterthur. We encourage applicants to contact museum and library staff to develop their list of research materials/bibliography. Maker-creator applications do not require a full portfolio; however, we welcome additional work samples to help communicate to the review panel the nature of the applicant’s work.

Maker-creator applications do not require a full portfolio. However we welcome additional works samples to help communicate to the review panel the nature of the applicant's work.

Commercial craftspeople looking to reproduce objects from Winterthur's collections should contact our Licensed Products Division.

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