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Volume 51, Number 1 (Spring 2017)

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We, the academic programs department, take pride in creating a dynamic learning environment that brings things to life and life to things. We are a collaborative interdisciplinary community that serves as an inclusive scholarly hub, connecting people and resources in the preservation and study of cultural heritage. We cultivate excellence in teaching and education in partnership with the University of Delaware that values and responds to developments in local, regional, and global cultural heritage. We support the creation and dissemination of innovative scholarship. We celebrate the strengths of Winterthur’s museum, garden, and library collections and promote their use in these endeavors. We welcome, respect, and advocate for all those involved in the study and preservation of cultural heritage and actively challenge barriers to engagement with and within the cultural heritage community. We are committed to making the study of cultural heritage accessible, relevant, and integral to life in the 21st century.

To celebrate and enrich the interdisciplinary study and preservation of cultural heritage as an integral part of the human experience through education, scholarship, and advocacy.



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