library books and storage containersWinterthur's Conservation staff has written a manual for the public to use in caring for their collections. The manual provides readers with practical advice on how to care for the objects they value and when to consult with a conservation professional.

Tours —Winterthur offers tours of the Conservation Department to individuals the first Wednesday of each month and to groups scheduling a visit through Visitor Services. To reserve a space for you or your group or obtain more information, please call 800.448.3883, 302.888.4600, or TTY 302.888.4907.

Conservation Clinic — Winterthur offers a free conservation clinic each month (September–May) to which the public can bring objects for an assessment of their condition and recommendations on their care. For information or an appointment, please call 302.888.4786. Sorry, no appraisals or authentications are given.

There are many sources of information about Conservation on the web.  Winterthur's Conservation staff has gathered many of those they find most useful here.

Useful Websites

Finding a Conservator:  American Institute for Conservation

Supplies: Preservation Supplies

Training: Graduate and University

Training: Non-degree Workshops and Course Work

Regional Conservation Centers Many offer workshops and have posted publications of disaster response resources on their web-sites.  Information on these centers and other members is available through the Regional Alliance for Preservation.

Professional Organizations:

Related Organizations with useful websites:

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