Creatively connect with objects in the museum, garden, and library collections, while you chat with other craft enthusiasts. Each session pairs objects or themes represented at Winterthur with crafty inspiration. Every project is designed to be fun! Registration required. $20; $15 for Winterthur and DMNH members. Call 800.448.3883 to register.

Beeswax Wraps, August 13

Make your own washable and reusable wax food wraps without making a mess in your kitchen. 

Celebrating Seashells, September 10

Explore several artful uses for those miscellaneous shells you plucked from the shore this summer. (Or, use the shells we have on hand!).      

Pumpkinpalooza, October 8

Create a few sweet or spooky seasonal decorations without having to grapple with gross pumpkin goop. 

Autumn Leaf Pendants, November 12

At this time of year Winterthur glows in glorious shades of red, gold, and orange. Preserve the colors of fall in striking resin pendants that you’ll want to wear year round. 

DIY Bottle Brush Trees, December 10

Whimsical bottle brush trees dot the Yuletide landscape. Learn how to make your own from a wide variety of materials and get a head start on creating your own festive forest.