Inspired by the exhibition Outside In: Nature-inspired Design at Winterthur. these lectures focus on topics related to both indoors and out. Registration recommended. $15; $10 for Winterthur and DMNH members. 

The Art of Backyard Bouquets, October 5

Urban flower farmer Jennie Love presents a lively and informative talk about growing beautiful bouquets in your own backyard and demonstrates how to create an abundant arrangement using sustainable design techniques. 

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Taxidermy Then and Now, October 12

Trace the history of taxidermy from Victorian England to the present and discover how practices and ethics have changed over the years. Learn about the creation of the American Museum of Natural History via its main proponents, Theodore Roosevelt and Carl Akeley.

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Terrariums from the Victorian Era, October 19

First appearing in the 19th century, terrariums have made a comeback. Discover what the first terrariums were like, which plants were used, and how to take care of these charming, decorative plant creations.

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Andrew Wyeth Outdoors, October 26

Enjoy a lecture by W. Barksdale Maynard, author of the new book, Artists of Wyeth Country: Howard Pyle, N. C. Wyeth, and Andrew Wyeth. Maynard overturns many claims about the unconventional Andrew, who ignored New York art trends and preferred to spend his time outdoors, walking for hours and waiting for “flash impressions” that he would recapture in his paintings.

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