How to Measure and Draw Your Floor Plan

floor plan

  • Sketch the layout of the room including the locations of all doors, windows, built-ins, fireplace, etc.  Refer to the above sample floor plan as a guide.  Remember, artistic talent is not required.  We just need a neat, simple drawing of your room.
  •  Use a tape measure to measure the length of each wall corner to corner; also measure all window, doorway, built-in cabinetry, & pass through openings and record those measurements on your sketch.
  • Next measure each wall in detail; from corner to window trim, window trim & window, to next corner.  Continue this process around the entire room recording each measurement on your sketch. When you finish with your detailed measurement, the total should equal the overall measurement of the wall.
  • It is also helpful to include the ceiling height of the room, locations of heating and air conditioning ducts, radiators, window heights; space between top of window and ceiling, location of wall sconces, and wall switches.

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