Washington and his family

Common Destinations: Maps in the American Experience

PAST EXHIBITION - Today maps are known primarily as tools to help us reach our destination, but in the 18th and 19th centuries they were key to the American experience and became the social glue that bound a young nation into a community.

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tinware coffee pots

The Flowering of American Tinware

Tinware objects with lively, bright colors and hand painted with fruit, flowers, birds, and borders were once ubiquitous in the young United States. The base material, sheet iron coated with tin, provided an appealing surface for painted or punched ornament to be applied. At first glance, it may look like

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Tiffany gift wrap and gift bag

Tiffany: The Color of Luxury

PAST EXHIBITION - Tiffany: The Color of Luxury presents a fun and engaging look at the Tiffany name in American culture—from the iconic colors to the relationship between the retailer Tiffany & Co. and the artisanal Tiffany Studios. Whether considering silver baubles or Breakfast at Tiffany’s, this charming exhibit offers

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Miniature desk-and-bookcase

Brittle Beauty: Understanding and Conserving Chinese Export Lacquer

Through a display of lacquered furniture, boxes, and tablewares, the Winterthur exhibition Brittle Beauty: Understanding and Conserving Chinese Export Lacquer explores the materials and history of Asian lacquer, Asian export lacquer, and imitation lacquer in the West. It also highlights a program of scientific analysis and conservation currently under way

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The Diligent Needle: Instrument of Profit, Pleasure, and Ornament

For centuries, instruction in needlework was an important part of women’s education. Both plain sewing and fancy embroidery are skills that take considerable time and effort to acquire, and as a result, many women took great pride in their work. Women might use their skill to earn a living through

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Religious text Pennsylvania german

A Colorful Folk: Pennsylvania Germans & the Art of Everyday Life

This past exhibition explored the unique world of the Pennsylvania Germans and their colorful folk art, including decorated manuscripts (fraktur), textiles, furniture, metalwork, and pottery. Embellished with hearts, flowers, birds, and other traditional motifs, these objects reveal a love of color, design, and whimsy. Most are functional, but others were

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chest and stand

Cultivating Style in a Multiethnic World: New York Furniture, 1640‒1860

PAST EXHIBITION - Settled by the Dutch and later claimed by the English, New York, from the start, was “a Babel of peoples—Norwegians, Germans, Italians, Jews, Africans . . . Walloons, Bohemians, Munsees, Montauks, Mohawks, and many others,” as writer Russell Shorto has observed. In the landscapes they shaped, buildings

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Made in the Americas exhibition masthead

Made in the Americas: The New World Discovers Asia

PAST EXHIBITION - Bring on the bling! Explore an eye-catching display of Asian-influenced masterpieces from around the world in the exhibition Made in the Americas: The New World Discovers Asia—called "A sumptuous show" by The Boston Globe and "scintillating" by The Wall Street Journal.

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painting- A Race for the Buckhorns - steamboats racing on a river

Lasting Impressions: The Artists of Currier & Ives

Lasting Impressions investigates the role of Frances Bond Palmer and Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait (two of the most prolific artists of Currier & Ives) in the New York art world of the Victorian era—an art world where the artists and publisher invite us to reconsider our notions of artistic creation.

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Royal Splendor: The Coronation Gown from The Crown

Royal Splendor: The Coronation Gown from The Crown, was the first in a new Winterthur exhibition series entitled Eye on the Iconic, and featured the replica coronation gown worn in episode five, “Smoke and Mirrors,” of the Netflix series The Crown, a dramatized history of the reign of Queen Elizabeth

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