people in azalea woods

Walking FAQ

H. F. du Pont and generations of his family enjoyed walking the Winterthur estate. Today, Members, visitors, and staff all take advantage of the estate’s roads and walkways to experience nature up close and on foot. We encourage you to walk the estate and enjoy the garden, meadows, and woodlands

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picnic at winterthur

Picnic FAQ

The Winterthur estate offers many beautiful places to picnic. Below are the answers to several “Frequently Asked Questions” about picnicking on the grounds. In general the responses below follow the golden rule and were developed to ensure that all guests at Winterthur have an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of

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peony gazebo


The Winterthur Garden Internship Program began in 1991 and is a continuation of Mr. du Pont’s educational background and lifetime of experience in horticulture, landscape design, and estate management. The mission of the program is to help educate the next generation of horticulturists and environmental stewards while preserving and maintaining

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enchanted woods cottage

Tale of Enchanted Woods

Once upon a time, long, long ago, a family of adventurers set sail across a great ocean. It was a difficult journey that seemed as if it might never end. But finally, the ship came to a land of rolling green hills, shady forests, and meadows filled with wildflowers and

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Young Fairy dances through the foggy fairy circle in Enchanted Woods.

Letter from the Enchanted Woods Faeries

Cobweb, the storyteller fairy, tells you all the magical features of the Enchanted Woods at Winterthur.

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kids on the maze

Enchanted Woods

Discover the magic of a fairy-tale garden with a visit to Enchanted Woods, a unique children's garden at Winterthur. In a three-acre plot of the Winterthur Garden, the fairy folk created a magical landscape for children of all ages! Canopied by majestic oak trees, Enchanted Woods has been taken over

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HF du Pont in the garden in 1958

H. F. du Pont as Master Gardener

The Winterthur Garden is built out of the Brandywine landscape, finding its unique form in forests, fields, streams and hills. “The woods of Winterthur,” as the Bidermann’s said, have always been one of the great treasures of the property. H. F. du Pont said a garden “should fit in so

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garden history

History of the Garden

Henry Francis du Pont had three life-long passions: gardening, breeding cattle and collecting American antiques. Gardening was his first love. Even after he turned his former home into a museum in 1951, he kept his garden in private ownership until his death in 1969. He said that while after 1951

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Explore the Garden

Garden Map of the Winterthur Garden.

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fall foliage near quarry garden

Fall Color in the Garden

Listing of all foliage in color during Fall.

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