Special Needs Access

Winterthur is committed to providing excellent service to all visitors to the museum and garden. We recognize the diversity of the public’s needs and abilities.

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brandywine valley

Visiting the Brandywine Valley

Make Winterthur the centerpiece of an extended visit to the beautiful and historic Brandywine Valley. Home to a wide assortment of world-class museums and gardens, the Brandywine Valley features the rolling hills and valleys of southeast Pennsylvania and northern Delaware.

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garden tram

Moving About the Grounds

This lists some of the ways visitors can move around the museum, garden and library.

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Plan Your Visit

There is so much to see and do at Winterthur—even more than you may realize. View our Welcome Brochure for information about Winterthur. See our upcoming events and programs here.

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Pair of flintlock pistols, marked by Frederick Zorger (1734-1815), York, Pennsylvania; 1765-80. Maple, silver, iron. 1961.857.1,.2 Bequest of Henry Francis du Pont

Metalwork Gallery

Visitors will see examples of artisans’ virtuosity in wrought iron, silver, copper, and pewter objects as well as metals blended with other organic materials such as enamels, ivory, shell, and coconut shell. Gunsmiths, whose craft required mastery of metals and woods, are represented by a very fine group of early

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campbell soup tureen collection

Campbell Collection of Soup Tureens

Since May 1997 Winterthur has been the home of the Campbell Collection of Soup Tureens, and visitors from all parts of the world have viewed these elegant ceramic and metalwork vessels in the specially designed Dorrance Gallery. Among the many galleries at Winterthur, this one in particular brings together the

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A description of the many galleries at Winterthur displaying exhibitions and objects from the Winterthur collection.

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house over field of blue flowers

The House

Henry Francis du Pont said it was a desire to "show America as it had been" that led him to create the period settings his guests enjoyed and visitors see today at Winterthur. During the construction of the 1928–30 addition to the house, du Pont installed historic architectural interiors and

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Young Henry Francis with his sister, Louise, at Winterthur, ca. 1884

About H. F. du Pont

Henry Francis du Pont (1880–1969), the only son of Henry Algernon and Pauline du Pont, was born at Winterthur and, in his words, "always loved everything connected with it." A member of Delaware's industrialist du Pont family, he studied at New England's Groton School and later attended Harvard from 1899

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du pont book cover - The Winterthur Story

The du Pont Family in America

From their arrival in America in 1800 to the present day, generations of the du Pont family have helped shape the face of Delaware’s Brandywine Valley. Enjoy a closer look at the family genealogy, photos, and their affiliations with the area’s numerous cultural institutions in our new brochure “The Winterthur

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