Membership FAQs

Please contact the Membership office at of 302.888.4713 regarding any of the below information or for additional questions. We are always happy to hear from you!


I’m thinking about a Membership, but want more information first.  Where can I learn more? 

Click here for more information about Member benefits and to find the Membership level that’s right for you.


How can I renew or join?

There are several ways you can sign up for membership:

I am a new Member and I want to start using my benefits now, what should I do?

If you have recently joined Winterthur, please allow 4-6 weeks for the delivery of your Membership Cards and additional materials.  If you would like to visit before that time, please visit the Membership Services desk in the Visitor Center, and we will be happy to give you a temporary pass.


I renewed my Membership a while ago and have not received my cards yet.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for the delivery of your Membership packet.  If it has been longer than that, please accept our apologies.  Contact us and we will mail it out the same day that we receive your message. If you would like to visit before that time, simply stop by the Member Services desk in the Visitor Center, and they will be happy to issue you a temporary pass.


I have lost, or cannot find my Membership Card. What should I do?

Please stop by the Membership desk in the Visitor Center when you next visit.  There, you can be issued a replacement pass.


I need to change my mailing/email address.

We appreciate you keeping us up to date with your contact information!  Please email your updates/changes to the Membership office.

I recently renewed my Membership, but received another notice asking me to renew.

Our letters must have crossed in the mail.  You may disregard your additional notice and expect your new Membership cards in the next 4-6 weeks.

How can I redeem my guest passes and tour certificates?

Simply bring your passes or certificates with you on your next visit to present at the Visitor Center when you check in.  Be sure to fill out the brief information on the reverse of each prior to redemption.

Which tours can I use my “Discovery Tour” certificate to attend?

Discovery Tours are one-hour reserved tours designed to give guests a deeper look into the collection and the house.  Discovery tours change seasonally and are a wonderful way to see and learn about various areas of American Decorative Arts and the lives of the du Ponts throughout the year. For listings of current and upcoming Discovery Tours visit the tours page our website.

How can I make a reservation for a tour or lecture?

Please call 302-888-4600 and select the reservation line to speak to a reservation associate. For further information on tours, click here. All Member Activities can be reserved via the reservation line unless otherwise noted on our Member Activities page. For more information on Member Activities, click here.

Can I use my Guest Passes for special events in addition to general admission?

Members are welcome to use their Guest Passes to bring guests along to select Member-only events.  When guests are permitted, this offer will be noted on our Member Activities webpage. If you are unsure whether guests are permitted, please contact the Membership office.

When do my guest passes expire?

Your guest passes are typically printed with an expiration date later than the date of your Membership expiration.  This way, when you renew your Membership, you can still redeem this Membership benefit at a later date that is convenient for you.

When can I use the “Guest of…” Membership card I received with my Contributor-level-or-above Membership and what benefits are included?

Contributor-Members-and-above ($150 annually) can opt for their second Membership card to read “Guest of…” rather than a named individual.  This card allows these Members to bring different guests on separate visits that will be given full Member benefits and access.


I am a caregiver of a Member that requires special assistance.  Can I accompany them on their visit?

Yes, when you check in at the Visitor Center, simply ask to receive a caregiver sticker and you will be permitted to accompany your Member throughout their visit to the estate. (Please note: Caregiver status is not applicable to nannies and babysitters.  Members requiring admission for a nanny or babysitter should purchase the Contributor-level membership and choose the “guest of” option as their second card holder.)

Link to NARM and AHS

All of our Members are granted reciprocal access to over 300 arboretums in the American Horticultural Society (AHS). Contributor Members and above receive admission to over 750 museums through the North American Reciprocal Admissions program.

For full listings of participating institutions, please visit each organization’s website. It is a good idea to contact specific museums and arboreta in advance as some exclusions may apply to certain days or times.

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