Reciprocal Admissions Privileges

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Exciting Benefits for Winterthur Members!

Reciprocal Admissions Program (RAP) for all Members

All Winterthur Members receive free admission and additional benefits when a valid Winterthur Membership card is presented at botanical gardens, arboreta, and conservatories that participate in the American Horticultural Society's Reciprocal Admissions Program.

Please visit the American Horticultural Society for a list of the 320+ participating gardens.  For a printed copy, please contact Winterthur's Membership Office at 302.888.4713 or e-mail membershipinfo@winterthur.orgSome restrictions may apply. Before visiting any garden, be sure to check that organization's website and/or call to confirm participation in the AHS Reciprocal Admissions Program, hours of operation, zip code exclusions, and blackout dates.

Each card will admit only the person listed on the Member card. In the case of Family-level memberships, some gardens or museums may limit free or discounted admission to the named cardholder. You may be required to show a photo ID. Some special events are not included in the Reciprocal Admissions Program.  Please check before visiting.

If you are visiting Winterthur as a member of a reciprocal organization, please note that the AHS website does explicitly say that our 90-mile exclusion is enforced.  And, a 15-mile/25-mile exclusion is enforced for organizations belonging to NARM or ROAM.  This means that if the American Horticultural Society organization you belong to is located 90 miles (or less) from Winterthur, we will not honor reciprocity.  NARM organizations within 15 miles and ROAM organizations within 25 miles of Winterthur are excluded from receiving reciprocal admission at Winterthur.  Calculate distance from the organization you belong to and Winterthur using Google maps.  If your membership is directly with AHS, calculate distance from Winterthur using your home address.  Thank you for understanding!

In addition, Winterthur programs and events, such as Enchanted Summer Day, Terrific Tuesdays, DelaWILD, Truck and Tractor Day and Enchanted Winter Day are reserved for Winterthur Members or paying guests.  Reciprocity will not be available on these special event days.  During Yuletide at Winterthur , all reciprocal admissions will be blacked out.

painting of kid in pirate hat and lounge chairReciprocal Museum Program for Contributor Members & Above

Winterthur is pleased to offer Contributor Members ($165) and above access to more than 900 North American museums as part of the North American Reciprocal Museum Program (NARM) and Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums (ROAM). As well as free admission, some participating organizations offer discounts at their museum shops and for concert/lecture tickets. Simply present your current Winterthur membership card with the gold NARM sticker and black ROAM logo to receive free reciprocal admission to participating organizations.

Visit North American Reciprocal Museums and/or Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums for lists of participating museums.  Please note that some restrictions apply. Before visiting, be sure to visit the museum's Web site and/or call to confirm the museum's participation in NARM or ROAM, their hours of operation, and any zip code restrictions or blackout dates/programs.

Reciprocal privileges do not extend between Winterthur and the following local museums: Delaware Museum of Natural History, Hagley Museum and Library, Delaware Art Museum, The Delaware Contemporary (DE), Brandywine River Museum (PA), Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PA), The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (PA).

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