Painted Rooms: An Artist's Vision of Winterthur

November 2012–January 6, 2013

ainting of the Readbourne ParlorThis special exhibition featured select paintings of Winterthur's rooms by English artist Michael John Hunt. The paintings offer an intimate and authentic glimpse into the private and public spaces of Winterthur.

The artist was inspired by the different styles, periods, histories, and stories while wandering around the rooms of the house on his first visit to Winterthur in 1996. That inspiration led him to embark on an artistic journey to paint every room in the house. Upon returning to his home in Sandwich, Hunt began the first painting in the series that will ultimately include 200 depictions of Winterthur. The works range from scenes of rooms of the house to views of special exhibitions to images of the garden.

One of the most striking features of Hunt's portraits is his theatrical use of natural light. He creates his pictures with layered acrylics and glazes to produce subtleties of light and color that are usually associated with oil pigments. His technique allows his works to capture sunlight as it filters between wood wall paneling, spills through window panes, and pools onto floorboards by open doorways, forever capturing fleeting shadows in paint. 

On his endeavor to paint the rooms of Winterthur, Hunt has completed 121 paintings to date and has also produced  limited-edition prints of a number of the images. The special exhibition at Winterthur will feature a small selection of his paintings.

The Hunt Gallery is located in the medieval Cinque Port of Sandwich, Kent, England and includes a collection of paintings featuring the rooms, spaces, and grounds of Winterthur.

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