Eye on the Iconic: Honus Wagner and Sports Memorabilia

Honuse Wagner baseball card

March 9–June 17, 2018

Honus Wagner and Sports Memorabilia, the next rotation in a Winterthur exhibit series entitled Eye on the Iconic, will feature a famed 1909-11 Honus Wagner T206 baseball card—one of the rarest and most iconic of all sports-related objects. It is widely considered the "holy grail" of baseball cards; another 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner card recently set a new world-record price for a baseball card, selling for $3.12 million in 2016. In this Eye on the Iconic exhibit, a prized Wagner card from the New York Public Library will be displayed alongside a “Hans Wagner” cigar box label from the Winterthur Library collection.  

Collecting objects, such as sports memorabilia, is a beloved pastime for many. That passion for collecting can result in a museum such as Henry Francis du Pont’s Winterthur or in personal albums featuring cards of baseball players, past and present. Regardless of the scale or content, collections tell a story of America—its history, its culture, and its people. The Eye on the Iconic exhibit series features objects that are uniquely positioned to tell those stories.

Join us this spring to view these very special and sought-after objects and images, and experience the connection between the storied history of Honus Wagner trading cards and sports memorabilia collecting over the generations. 

Eye on the Iconic previously featured the iconic replica coronation gown of Elizabeth II from Netflix’s The Crown.


Image at top: 1909-11 Honus Wagner T206 baseball card, courtesy of the Leopold Morse Goulston Baseball Collection, New York Public Library

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