Garden Insider

Wednesdays, April–October 
11:00 am, Brown Horticulture Learning Center

Go behind-the-scenes with the experts! Each week Winterthur introduces you to a specialist who will share with you his/her insights and expertise about the Winterthur Garden and estate, its history, horticulture, or the environment. Presentations may be in the form of a walk, talk, or demonstration (or a combination). About 1 hour. Members free. Included with admission.

April 4

The Inspiration Behind Winterthur’s New Garden Follies (talk)

Interested in learning more about the inspiration behind the new Folliesexhibition? Join Carol Long, curator of the garden, as she explains the details that went into creating Winterthur’s first outdoor exhibition.

April 11

Spring Ephemerals of Azalea Woods (walk)

Enjoy an early spring day in Azalea Woods. Susan Sibley, garden horticulturist, will be your guide as you witness the garden come to life with bluebells, trillium, and windflowers.

April 18

Getting to Know the Sundial Garden (walk)

Originally called the April Garden, the formally designed Sundial Garden provides the framework for a carefully planned succession of blooms through the month of April. Take a walk with Garden Horticulturist Joe Lazorchak to experience and get to know the history behind this spring-blooming garden created by H. F. du Pont and Marian Cruger Coffin.

April 25

Attracting Hummingbirds with Gardens, Flowers, and Feeders (talk) 

Want to attract more of those brilliant-colored, ever-nimble hummingbirds to your garden? Come learn all about hummingbird gardening with Ron Simpson, Winterthur garden guide and New Castle County master gardener.

May 2

Winterthur’s Flowering Trees (walk)

This walk, led by Director of Garden & Estate Chris Strand, will feature our beautiful and familiar dogwoods and redbuds but also highlight exceptional specimen trees at Winterthur, such as magnolias, dove trees, crabapples, and cherries. H. F. du Pont designed his spring garden as a celebration of color, and these flowering trees play a pivotal role in his composition.

May 9

Amazing Azaleas (walk)

Acres of colorful azaleas and rhododendrons brighten the early May garden. Join Linda Eirhart, director of horticulture and senior curator of plants, for a stroll through Azalea Woods to learn why Mr. du Pont “was fired with a desire to plant azaleas in all directions.”

May 16

A Passion for Peonies (walk) 

Take a walk through the Peony Garden with Garden Horticulturist Michelle Stapleford. The large collection of A. P. Saunders hybrids flaunts colors as diverse as yellow, red, white, lavender, and fabulous pink. Take in the spectacle and learn all about the care and maintenance of herbaceous and tree peonies.

May 23

How to Make a Pollinator House (demo)

Encourage beneficial insects in your garden by creating a pollinator house! Join Suzanne French, garden horticulturist, for a demonstration on how to make one of these structures using Winterthur’s own pollinator house as inspiration.

May 30

The Joy of Sketching Outdoors (demo/walk)

Discover your inner artist while taking in the beauty of the Winterthur Garden and estate. With the firm belief that anyone can draw, Erica Anderson, assistant curator of education/garden programs, will show you how easy it is to make a nature sketchbook for capturing your special moments in the great outdoors. Basic drawing supplies will be provided, but feel free to bring along your own.

June 6

H.F. du Pont’s Follies (talk/walk)

The follies that H.F. du Pont added to his garden have a fascinating history, which Director of Interpretation and Estate Historian Jeff Groff will highlight in this presentation. Some other structures that might be considered garden follies will also be examined.

June 13

Bees, Trees and Where Does All That Honey Come From Anyway? (talk/walk)

Join Winterthur’s Beekeeper Chris Biondi as he explores the basics of honey bees, nectar sources, and honey. After the indoor presentation, enjoy a hay ride out to the beehives!

June 20

Sycamore Hill: Off the Beaten Path (talk/walk)

Venture into Sycamore Hill with Garden Horticulturist Jim Pirhalla. Learn some history, design, and plant species and discover a garden area with more than just a big tree in it!

June 27

Exploring Follies Inside and Out at Winterthur (talk/walk)

Join Eileen Scheck, Assistant Curator of Garden Education, for this unique walk connecting one of the new garden follies to one of the most famous rooms in America, Winterthur’s Chinese Parlor. Explore the garden scenes depicted on the hand-painted wallpaper and learn about the images chosen to decorate the Chinese Pavilion Folly.

No Garden Insider on July 4.

July 11

Propagating Evergreen Azaleas and Rhododendrons for the Home Gardener (demo)

Join Jim Gears, owner of Pennsbury Gardens in nearby West Chester, PA, to learn how to propagate evergreen azaleas and rhododendrons by stem cuttings and by seed. The propagation of native azaleas will also be discussed.

July 18

Tomorrow’s Leaders in Horticulture (talk)

Go inside the interns’ garden! Winterthur’s Garden Interns will share about their experiences and individual research projects.

July 25

Enjoying Bluebirds at Winterthur (talk/walk)

A small team of volunteers, natural lands staff, and interns monitors 84 nest-box duplexes throughout Winterthur. Learn how Winterthur is contributing to the study of breeding bird populations while providing habitat for some of our native birds.

August 1

Gardening For Wildlife (talk)

Learn how to make your backyard an oasis for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. Join Jessica Shahan, Naturalist at Newlin Grist Mill & Park, for a focus on native plants and ecological garden design, with a chance to meet some backyard garden inhabitants.

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