Garden Insider

Wednesdays, April–October
11:00 am, Brown Horticulture Learning Center

Go behind-the-scenes with the experts! Each week Winterthur introduces you to a specialist who will share with you his/her insights and expertise about the Winterthur Garden and estate, its history, horticulture, or the environment. Presentations may be in the form of a walk, talk, or demonstration (or a combination). About 1 hour. Members free. Included with admission.

Garden Insider: Winterhazel Walk (walk)
April 3
 – 11:00 am
Take an early spring walk through the Winterhazel Garden with Garden Horticulturist Michelle Stapleford.  Discover the beauty of cool, yellow-green winterhazels mixed with the warm lavender of early rhododendrons – a striking color combination that was among Mr. du Pont’s favorites!

Garden Insider: Chandler Woods Walk (walk)
April 10
 – 11:00 am
Discover the "off the beaten path" beauty of this nearly 50-acre parcel of woods with Carol Long, Curator of the Garden.

Garden Insider: Spring Ephemerals of Azalea Woods (walk)
April 17
 – 11:00 am
Enjoy an early spring day in Azalea Woods. Susan Sibley, Garden Horticulturist, will be your guide as you witness the garden come to life with bluebells, trillium, and windflowers.

Garden Insider: Spring Wild Edible Walk and Tasting (walk/demo)
April 24
 – 11:00 am
Take a spring walk and learn to safely identify early-season edible plants and turn them into interesting and delicious treats! Before becoming Winterthur's Mapping & Records Specialist, Lori Schnick designed and ran "Wild Edible" dinners through the Delaware Nature Society.

Garden Insider: Success with Camellias in the Delaware Valley (talk)
May 1
 – 11:00 am
This presentation by Garden Guide Ron Simpson will discuss how to select, grow, and have success with camellias in the Delaware Valley. Both spring- and fall-blooming varieties will be highlighted.

Garden Insider: Amazing Azaleas—Getting to Know the Kurume Hybrids (walk)
May 8
 – 11:00 am
Join Garden Horticulturist Susan Sibley for an easy stroll through Azalea Woods to examine the many beautiful examples of Kurume hybrid azaleas. Learn all about their history and see up-close the special color combinations that make Azalea Woods such an amazing destination in spring.

Garden Insider: Enjoying Bluebirds at Winterthur (talk/walk)
May 15
 – 11:00 am
Curious what all those duplex nest-boxes throughout the Winterthur property are all about? Join Natural Lands Technician Madeline Banks and our team of volunteers to learn how Winterthur is contributing to the study of breeding bird populations while providing habitat for bluebirds and other native birds.

Garden Insider: Perennials in the Quarry Garden (walk)
May 22
 – 11:00 am
Join Garden Horticulturist Jim Pirhalla for a walk to the Quarry Garden, where you will discover a rich palette of perennials and gain new appreciation for a garden conceived in the 1960s during Henry Francis du Pont’s twilight years.

Garden Insider: Fabulous Ferns (walk)
May 29
 – 11:00 am
Hundreds of different ferns can be grown in our gardens. They range from inches high to four feet tall, evergreen to deciduous, and basic green to shades of silver and red. Join Linda Eirhart, Director of Horticulture and Senior Curator of Plants, on a stroll through the Winterthur Garden and discover a dozen ferns that are both easy to identify and easy to grow.

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