Need a few ideas to help reinforce the great things your students learned during a Winterthur school program? Need a bit of inspiration to guide your use of objects as primary sources in the classroom? Look no further! We’ve assembled some great pre-materials, and we offer workshops on a regular basis where you can try activities to use with your own students.

Pre-Visit Materials

Teachers who book a Winterthur school program receive a confirmation sheet, bus driving directions, a brief history of Winterthur flyer, and a list of suggestions for a super field trip or outreach program in the mail.  We also have available a brief power point presentation about Winterthur available to share with your students, which can also be downloaded as a pdf. We've also put together a Field Trip Checklist to ensure your trip to Winterthur is the best!

To further prepare your students to their trip to Winterthur and better incorporate the trip into your lessons, we have prepared pre- and post-visit materials. These range from activities and worksheets to writing prompts and games.

Classroom Connections

In addition to on-site and off-site programs for teachers and schools, Winterthur also provides teachers with a quarterly e-newsletter titled Classroom Connections, which provides information on the programs we are currently offering and activities that can be integrated into classroom curriculum. Our latest in-classroom activity is related to temperature and humidity and how they affect the preservation of objects. Click on the following link for the activity sheet. To sign up for the quarterly e-newsletter, please visit our sign-up page.

Upcoming Teacher Workshops

B.Y.O.C. Teacher Appreciation Morning (Virtual Program)
Saturday, January 9, 10:00–10:45 am

Bring your own coffee and join us for a free teacher appreciation morning. Together we will look at sustainable approaches for teaching and explore some of the resources that Winterthur has to offer both teachers and students. Call 800.448.3883 to register.

Teacher Workshop: Intersectional Approaches (Virtual Program)
Saturday, February 13, 9:30–11:00 am

Much of our work as teachers lives in the intersections, the places where ideas inform each other and join together. Our teaching practices do not exist in a vacuum. Context, identity, and subject merge when we facilitate learning, affecting the impact and quality of the experience. As we clarify the intersections surrounding us, our work becomes more informed. To inquire about professional development credit, please e-mail Leah Koontz at lkoontz@winterthur.org$15; Members free. Call 800.448.3883 to register.

Pre-registration is required for all workshops. Please call the Winterthur Information and Tours office at 302.888.4600 or 800.448.3883 to register.  The cost is $15 per person for each workshop, unless otherwise noted. Winterthur Members are admitted free. Attendance is limited. Continue to check the website for updated information about upcoming workshops.

Field Trip Scholarship Application

Through the generosity of corporate sponsors, scholarships are available to qualifying groups based on diversity of student population, percentage of students who receive free or reduced lunch, and the amount of state or federal aid the organization receives. Such financial aid can cover off-site program costs, student admission fees, and transportation costs of up to $250 per day.

Please complete this short online application form for the scholarship. Apply as soon as possible after making your reservation. 


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