Virtual School Programs

Announcing Virtual Field Trips!

When you can’t come to the museum, we’ll Zoom the museum to you! 

All Programs:           Important Tips for School Programs

  • Address Common Core and Delaware Curriculum Standards
  • Use a cross-disciplinary approach to guide learning in science, social studies, history, literacy, language arts, and visual arts
  • Include pre and post visit materials to extend learning
  • Emphasize student-centered, interactive approaches to learning
  • Utilize break-out rooms to facilitate small-group collaboration
  • Are conducted by Winterthur staff
  • Last 45-minutes to fit within your teaching window (adaptable if necessary)
  • Work well for classrooms, homeschoolers, and learning pods


Adopt an Object

Grades Pre-K-2.

Gain an appreciation for artifacts as primary sources and build an understanding of chronology while investigating household objects from early America. Exercise skills in observation and deductive reasoning as you compare daily life long ago and today. Small group discussion and games round out the fun.

Delaware Standards: Science 2, 3, Civics 4 (Kindergarten - DRC Unit - Participation), Economics 1 (Gr. K-2 EFK), Economics 2, Economics 3, History 2 (Gr. 2 DRC Unit - Writing the Story of the Past), History 4, Visual Arts: Cr1.1.PKa, Cr1.1.Ka, Cr1.1.1a, Cr1.1.2a

Common Core Standards: ELA: RI2.9, RI2.3; L2.1, L2.4a, L2.5a


Bugs in the Museum

Grades 2-4

Discover the important roles that bugs play in our ecosystem, economy, and history as you learn about the many ways they are represented in our collection. Investigate pretty pests, vicious vermin, and industri0us insects as you engage in games, discussion, and object exploration.

Delaware Standards: Science 1, 2, 6, 8, History 3 (Gr. 2 DRC Unit - Writing the Story of the Past), Geography 3 (Gr. 3 DRC Unit - Places), Visual Arts: Cr1.1.2a,Cr1.1.3a,Cr1.1.4a

Common Core Standards: ELA: RI4.1, RI4.3, RI4.4


Museum Mystery

Grades 4-6

Apply deductive reasoning and problem-solving skills to the investigation of primary sources as we endeavor to determine whether George Washington actually sat in a chair that is now part of the museum collection. Learn to think like an historian while considering the implications of chronology, geography, and even scientific analysis.

Delaware Standards: Social Science, Geography 1 (Gr. 4 DRC Unit: Developing Mental Maps & Gr. 6 DRC Unit: Making Global Mental Maps), History 2 (Gr. 4 DRC Unit: Thinking Chronologically), History 3, Visual Arts: Cr1.1.4a, Cr1.1.5a, Cr1.1.6a

Common Core Standards: ELA: RH6-8.1, RH6-8.7; RI5.3, RI5.5; RL5.1

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