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Costuming THE CROWN Lecture: "The Royal Family and Ships of State: The Politics of Ocean Liner Design and Decoration"

June 20, 12:15–1:15 pm

Since the inception of ocean liners in the 19th century, the British Royal Family has frequently highlighted their potential to be floating examples of the nation's political might, technological advancement, and sophisticated design. Join maritime historian Christian Roden as he explores the history of these vessels and their close relationship to the kings and queens of England. $10 per Member. $15 per nonmember. Call 800.448.3883. 

Costuming THE CROWN Lecture: "Where Elegance and Noble Grandeur Meet"

July 17, 6:00–7:00 pm

Enjoy a talk about the restoration of two of Britain's greatest and most distinguished landscapes—Hampton Court and Kensington palaces, presented by the parks and Todd Langstaffe-Gowan, who played a roles in the conservation and re-presentation of these parks and gardens $10 per Member. $15 per nonmember. Call 800.448.3883. 

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