Winterthur Primer Articles

"A Winterthur Primer" and Antiques & Fine Art Magazine

Since 2005 a special arrangement has existed between Winterthur and the magazine Antiques & Fine Art.  For each issue of the magazine, a Winterthur staff member provides an article for the series entitled "A Winterthur Primer."  Links to many of these articles may be viewed below.


"Winterthur Primer: Luxurious Lighting"

"Hamilton & Burr: Who Wrote Their Stories?"

"Winterthur Primer: An English Lady Inspires A Chinese Artist"

"Winterthur Primer: The Byrdcliffe Library"


"Winterthur Primer: Nature Displayed On The Dinner Table"

"Winterthur Primer: Picturing China"

"Blossoming Prints: The Proliferation Of The Dutch Flower Still Life"


"Freak Pictures? The Needlework Paintings Of Margaret Ansell"

"Winterthur Primer: Fakes, Forgeries, And The Art Of Detection"

"Unmasking A Clock Dial: The Gentle Art Of Cleaning A Clock"

"Revealing Restorations Through Analysis And Collaboration"


"Rethinking The Origin Of An Early Silkwork Picture"

"A Woman Lithographer In Nineteenth-Century New York"

"Early American Trade Cards"

"Nothing To Sneeze At: Commemorative Handkerchiefs For The American Market"


"Worsted Pattern Books Of Norwich, England"

"Elegant Eighteenth-Century Flower Vases"

"Matchsafe Mysteries Illuminated"

"A Colorful Folk: Pennsylvania Germans And The Art Of Everyday Life"

"Drawn With Spirit: Pennsylvania German Fraktur"

"Silent Companions"


"Chinese Export Wares In An Americana Collection"

"Needlework and Their Frames: Multimedia Objects"

"Faux Fraktur"

"Needlework and Their Frames: Multimedia Objects"


"'My Dear Mr. Du Pont...' Connoisseurship of Maps at Winterthur"

"Stretch: America's First Family of Clockmakers"

"Stamps or Stencils?"

"Common Destinations: Maps in the American Experience"

"Arriving in Style: Winterthur's 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom I"


"Scratching the Surface of American Painted Tinware"

"Mirth & Friendship: A Celebration of Humor and Alcoholic Beverages"

"The Furniture Designs of Gillow and Company"

"Easter at Winterthur"

"Engraving the Character of Artisans"

"American Blues: Celebrating a Nation"


"Pastors and Patriots, the Muhlenberg Family of Pennsylvania"

"Getting a Handle on Silver Spoon Decoration" 

"Blooming Beauties - A Garden of Antiques"

"Weathervane Finish Analysis"

"Blue and White Resist-Printed Textiles"

"Shaker Jesse Patchen's Account Book"

"Paint, Pattern & People: Furniture of Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1725–1850"

"A Metamophosis: The Changing Nature of Fraktur Studies"


"Revealed: A Lost Illustration by N. C. Wyeth"

“Reverse Paintings on Glass”

“X-Radiography Examination of an Embroidered Coat of Arms”

“English Regency Wrought Iron Furniture”


“The John and Carolyn Grossman Collection”

“Decoding a Historic Map”

“Taste or Technology? Changing Silver Borders”

“American Portraits in Pastel”

“Mocha and Dipped Wares: Combining Fashion and Fancy” by Leslie B. Grigsby (Winter/Spring 2009): 286–87.


“Decoration for the Everyday: Iron Cooking Utensils of the Early American Kitchen”

“Cleaning Painted Surfaces”


“Invisible to the Eye: The Scientific Analysis of Decorative and Fine Art”

“A Look at Fabrics on Early American Quilts”

“The Winterthur Library: An Invaluable Resource”

“A Timely Discovery: The Story of Winterthur’s Jacob Graff Clock”


“Acquiring and Researching Portraits”

“Underglaze Blue English Transfer-Printed Earthenware” by Patricia Halfpenny. (August/September 2006): 190–91.

“Alight with Style: Candlesticks of the 17th and 18th Centuries”


“English Creamware: A Colonial American Passion” by Leslie B. Grigsby. (Autumn 2005): 218–19.

“What is Original?” by Wendy A. Cooper. (6th Anniversary 2005): 272–73.

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