Arboricultural and Natural Lands Technician

JOB TITLE: Arboricultural and Natural Lands Technician

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: The Arboricultural and Natural Lands Technician is a versatile and flexible member of Winterthur’s Arboriculture and Natural Lands Team. Primary functions include assisting Winterthur’s Senior Arborist with the care and maintenance of Winterthur’s trees, as well as working on a varied array of tasks and initiatives centered around the care and maintenance of Winterthur’s extensive woodlands, meadows and waterways. The Arboricultural and Natural Lands Technician is considered essential personnel, and will assist with weather and/or tree related emergencies, i.e., snow removal, severe weather cleanup. This position also requires the working of 2-3 rotating weekends per year. He/She will participate in Winterthur events and outreach programs such as leading tours.
1. Tree Maintenance: Tree pruning, planting, removal. Provide ground support for Senior Arborist while working aloft. Storm damage clean-up.
2. Natural Lands Maintenance: Mowing, trimming and weed control in fields and meadows. Maintain paths and remove invasive plants in woodlands. Manage vegetation around waterways. Assist in care of livestock and wildlife.
3. Aesthetic/Environmental Stewardship: Develop an understanding of the history and design intent of the Winterthur estate. Foster design intent through the incorporation of environmentally responsible methods or practices in maintaining Winterthur’s natural areas.
4. Equipment Maintenance: Proper cleaning, sharpening, maintenance and storage of work related equipment (chainsaws, chipper, hand tools, power equipment, etc.).
5. Documentation: Participate in team/departmental planning and documentation. Assist in yearly mapping updates as needed. E-mail correspondence within/outside of institution. Document landscape changes using Landscape Modification Form as needed.
6. Programming/Events: Create and present lectures, demonstrations and provide tours for Winterthur guests. Participation in Garden/Winterthur events. Can occur outside of

1. Knowledge of tree/plant identification. Familiarity with proper arboricultural practices and principles. Desire for continued education.
2. Working knowledge of the concepts and practices associated with environmentally responsible land care.
3. Familiarity with operation of mechanized equipment commonly utilized in arboriculture and land care (chainsaws, brush chipper, mowers, weed eaters).
4. Ability to express ideas clearly, orally and in writing.
5. Working knowledge of Microsoft systems.
Essential Functions:
1. Ability to operate manual transmission vehicles and various power equipment (chainsaw, brush chipper, mowers, large motorized equipment).
2. Able to stand, kneel or bend for extended periods. Able to climb and work from ladders. Able to lift up to 50 pounds.
3. Able to traverse uneven ground/inclines.
4. Work outdoors in all temperatures/conditions.
5. Exposure to biting/stinging insects, poisonous plants, pesticides and fertilizers.