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Treasures on Trial Lectures

Colette Loll

Lunchtime Lecture: "Treasures on Trial: The Stories behind the Headlines"

Thursday, June 1
12:15 pm, Rotunda

Join exhibition co-curator Colette Loll as she takes you behind the scenes to reveal the intriguing and often complicated stories behind some of the major fraud cases profiled in the exhibition. Help judge objects whose fate has yet to be determined. Rotunda. Members free. Included with admission.

Claire Shaeffer

Lecture: "Counterfeit or Couture?"

Sunday, June 4
1:00 pm, Rotunda

Author, teacher, and designer Claire Shaeffer explores fakes and counterfeits in fashion. $10 per Member. $15 per nonmember. Reservations encouraged. Purchase tickets online, or call 800.448.3883.

Aldous Bertram, photo by Kasia Fiszer for Homes and Antiques magazine, September 2016

Evening Lecture: “Les Jardins Anglo-Chinois (The Landscape Garden)”

Tuesday, June 6
6:00 pm, Copeland Lecture Hall

Join Aldous Bertram, Ph.D., interior designer, and learn more about England’s fascinating transition from the formal garden to French-inspired naturalistic designs. $10 per Member. $15 per nonmember. Purchase tickets online or call 800.448.3883.


Lunchtime Lecture: “On Dollhouses: A Brief History & Decorating in a Historical Style”

Wednesday, June 7

12:15–1:15 pm, Rotunda

Learn about the oldest and Most famous dollhouses of Amsterdam and England, including Queen Mary’s Royal Dollhouse at Windsor Castle. Dr. Aldous Bertram, Ph.D., interior designer, shares the processes and ideas involved in building and decorating his own dollhouse rooms. Members free. Included with admission.

1960 Corvette Racing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France. ( Mike Muller, The Complete Book of Corvette: Every Generation since 1953)(Minneapolis, MN: Motorbooks, 2014), 71.

Lunchtime Lecture: "'America's Sensational Sports Car': The Corvette in American Culture, 1953–1969 and Beyond"

Thursday, July 6

Rotunda, 12:15 pm


From the street to the track, on the silver screen and the television set, the Chevrolet Corvette was driven by astronauts, movie stars, rock n' rollers, and veterans. Thomas A. Guiler, Ph.D., manager and instruction, academic programs, Winterthur, will discuss its groundbreaking impact on automotive design and its symbol of American culture in the 1950s and '60s. Members free. Included with admission.

Hood ornament, 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Ascot Tourer with body by Brewster & Co.

Winterthur Invitational Lectures


Every Saturday in May, Winterthur has a display of elegant historic autos from the country estate era. Each Saturday will also feature a lecture on the the historic autos theme for that day. Visit our Winterthur Invitational page for details about our lectures.


Winterthur 101 Lecture: “A Who’s Who of the du Ponts”

Thursday, August 3
6:00 pm, Copeland

Estate Historian Jeff Groff offers a fascinating look at the three generations of du Ponts who lived at Winterthur and the expanded web of family members, including H. F.’s sister Louise Crowninshield, Longwood’s P. S. du Pont, Alfred I. of Nemours, and the Copelands at Mt. Cuba.
This talk is a reprise  of the talk given in January for Members only. Members free. $15 per nonmember. Reservations encouraged. Purchase tickets online or call800.448.3883.


Lecture:  “Collecting Classics: Henry Francis du Pont’s Pursuit of New England Masterpieces”

Saturday, November 4
Copeland Lecture Hall, 2:00 pm  

Walking through the rooms of Winterthur, visitors gaze upon the finest furniture from early America.  The quality of the collection is so high, the quantity so great, that it is easy to overlook the unmatched grandeur of individual pieces.  Join Brock Jobe, Professor Emeritus at Winterthur, as he focuses on five New England landmarks from this splendid collection, explores their groundbreaking significance, and traces the diverse paths that brought them to Winterthur.  Along the way, we will witness the discipline, persistence, and artistic eye that guided Henry Francis du Pont in his pursuit of excellence. $10 per Member. $15 per nonmember.   

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