Wednesdays at Winterthur


Join us at Winterthur's Brown Horticulture Learning Center for demonstrations, talks, and guided walks covering a wide range of gardening topics. These events begin at 11:30 am on Wednesdays from April to October (except August).  Included with all admission tickets, Members free.

Walks last 45-60 minutes.No reservations necessary. Dress for the weather and wear walking shoes.


April 6

Growing in the Winterthur Greenhouses

The Winterthur greenhouses continued to operate after Mr. du Pont’s death, growing many of the same crops he used to decorate the conservatories, period rooms in the museum, Visitor Center, and special events. Marlin Dise, superintendent, Farm & Environmental Horticulture, and Patti Pleva, plant records manager, both spent the early years of their careers at Winterthur working in the greenhouses. Join them to learn about the different cut-flower crops and container and foliage plants that were grown in our greenhouses.


 April 13

Spring Ephemerals of Azalea Woods

Enjoy an early spring day in the Azalea Woods. Susan Sibley, garden horticulturist, will be your guide as you witness the garden come to life with bluebells, trilliums, and windflowers.

 April 20

Container Gardening Made Easy

From early peas to fall mums, container gardening can be an easy and satisfying endeavor.  As simple as adding a bag of potting soil to a large urn, many options are available such as lettuce, tomatoes, geraniums, and impatiens.  Join Mike Rausch, Winterthur garden guide, to learn more about gardening in containers.


 April 27

H. F. du Pont and his Private Golf Course

Join Winterthur garden guides, Candy Dunson and Susan Smith-Habelow, for a walk to explore the garden where Henry Francis du Pont once had his personal golf course. Visit the caddy stand and other areas of his original course.


 May 4

Minor Bulbs in the Garden

There is a wealth of bulbs beyond daffodils and tulips that can be used to extend seasonal color in the garden. Join Chris Strand, Brown Harrington Director of Garden & Estate, to learn more about selecting, growing, and using minor bulbs in your garden.


 May 11

Azaleas of Winterthur

It has been 99 years since Mr. du Pont purchased his first Kurume azaleas.  Join Linda Eirhart, director of horticulture and curator of plants, on an easy stroll through Azalea Woods to enjoy their beauty and learn more about their history at Winterthur.


 May 18


Explore the care and maintenance of Winterthur’s herbaceous and tree peonies. Take a walk through the Peony Garden and see the collection as well as some of  A. P. Saunders’s hybrids. Michelle Stapleford, garden horticulturist, will be your guide.


 May 25

Fabulous Ferns

Hundreds of different ferns can be grown in our gardens. They range in height from inches to four feet, range in variety from evergreen to deciduous, and range in color from basic green to shades of silver and red. Join Linda Eirhart, director of horticulture and curator of plants, on a stroll today to discover a dozen that are easy to identify and grow.



 June 1

Vintage Postcard Images of Winterthur’s Past

Many private estates issued postcards during the 20th century including Winterthur. Join Jim Pirhalla, garden horticulturist, as he shares commentary on his collection of vintage Winterthur postcards depicting images of both the garden and museum.


 June 8

Tree Climbing—What goes up must come down...safely of course!

Maintaining the wonderful tree canopy at Winterthur can be a “tall” order! The right tools and techniques give the Winterthur arborists the advantage in the maintenance battle! Come join Kevin Braun, garden and estate arborist, as he presents a behind-the-scenes view into the tools and techniques that he uses on a day-to-day basis. 

 June 15

Butterflies at Winterthur

Pauline Myers, Winterthur Garden volunteer and Penn State master gardener, will discuss butterflies—beautiful, mobile parts of the garden. We'll review the life cycle of butterflies, see photos of some that visit the Winterthur Garden, and learn about how the garden supports these magnificent, living works of "garden art.”


 June 22

Digital Camera Photography

Learn some new tips and old tricks for photographically capturing the beauty of a garden. Jeannette Lindvig will kick-start your passion for photographing flowers and nature. Join her as she introduces you to the joys of digital garden photography with a talk at the Brown Horticultural Center followed by a walk in the garden. Be sure to bring your camera!


 June 29

Gardening with Kids, Cultivating the Next Generation of Gardeners

In a time where children spend more time indoors, it is imperative to get the next generation outside. Join Winterthur horticulturists, Leigh Donnelly and Michele Christiano, who will provide ideas, activities, and inspiration to get the kids away from the iPad and into the garden.


 July 6

As the Wood Turns

For over a decade, wood turner Ron Brown has been transforming wood salvaged from fallen Winterthur trees into exquisite pieces of functional art. The bowls, vases, and various other woodenware he crafts are displayed and available for purchase at Winterthur’s Museum Store. Demonstrating with a tabletop lathe, Ron will offer an engaging introduction to the fascinating process that “turns” ordinary chunks of wood into uniquely beautiful creations.



 July 13

Tree Lightning Protection—Shocking Facts!

Ever wonder what those green wires are running up into some of Winterthur’s largest and most prized trees? Come join Kevin Braun, garden and estate arborist, as he shares his knowledge on lightning protection. He will discuss when protection is a good idea to install, how it is installed, and the importance of maintaining the systems for long-term protection. 


 July 20

Streams and Ponds

From seeps/springs to flowing streams and ponds, join Marlin Dise,   superintendent, Farm & Environmental Horticulture, to learn more about the useful and aesthetic qualities of Winterthur’s surface water.


 July 27

Inside the Interns' Garden

Join Winterthur horticulturist David Schurr, as he welcomes the true movers and shakers of the Winterthur Garden—the summer garden interns. Hear firsthand accounts of what a summer is like living and working on an American treasure.


 September 7

Heirloom Tomato Taste Test

Heirloom tomatoes have become increasingly popular for many reasons but mainly because of their brilliant complex flavors. Join garden horticulturist Amy Bloom-Mountz in tasting and learning some of her favorite varieties grown right here at Winterthur. Pick your favorite and take seeds to grow at home.


 September 14

History of the Coach House, Butler’s House, and the Original Cottage

Join Estate Historian Jeff Groff  in the Brown Learning Center for an illustrated overview of three buildings that were important parts of Winterthur and the role they played over time.  Then enjoy a walk to take a closer look and hear more about them.


 September 21

Flower Arranging on a Whim

Join garden horticulturists, Suzanne French and Jessica Tsakiris, to learn how to gather natural materials in order to create whimsical arrangements.


 September 28

Browns Meadows Walk

As fall brings a variety of color, take a walk with Linda Bailey, natural lands technician, on the field pathways to enjoy the asters and goldenrod varieties and observe the wildlife that inhabit these areas. Please wear hiking shoes and bring a camera.


 October 5

Garden Objects

Join Assistant Conservator Lauren Fair and Estate Supervisor Rob Plankinton for a walking tour and discussion about Winterthur’s garden objects. They will be discussing current, future, and completed projects along with conservation practices.

 October 12

The Gentleman Farmer in America: H. F. du Pont & his Holsteins 

Winterthur was once a model farm that embraced groundbreaking agricultural research and cattle breeding. Join Winterthur Garden guide Debra Shedrick to explore what it was like to run such a farm at the highest levels of American society in the first half of the 20th century—an endeavor that resulted in the development of an award-winning herd of Holstein Freisian cattle that have been said to be the backbone of today's great milk-producing cattle.


October 19

The Best Fall has to Offer: A Highlights Walking Tour

Colors of fall come and go differently each year. Join Carol Long, associate curator of the garden, on a walk to see the crème de la crème of the day.


October 26

Autumn Arrangements

Enliven your home with the beauty of autumn. Meredith Graves, coordinator of the Winterthur flower program, will demonstrate how to use end-of-season plant material from your garden to add unique interest to your autumnal arrangements and displays.



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