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Wednesdays at Winterthur


Join us at Winterthur's Brown Horticulture Learning Center for demonstrations, talks, and guided walks covering a wide range of gardening topics. These events begin at 11:30 am on Wednesdays from April to October (except August).  Included with all admission tickets, Members free.

Walks last 45-60 minutes.No reservations necessary. Dress for the weather and wear walking shoes.


April 1

History of the Greenhouses

Join Garden Guide Debra Shedrick for a fun and informative look at the history of greenhouse gardening from as far back as "botaniste" Eleuthère Irénée, founder of the DuPont Company, through his descendant, Henry Francis du Pont, who grew everything from vegetables to pink poinsettias in some 20 greenhouses at Winterthur.


 April 8

Take a Walk to the Winterthazel

Enjoy an early spring walk through the winterhazel garden with horticulturist Michelle Stapleford and see the early blooms of the lavender Korean azaleas with the pale yellow blooms of the winterhazels.


 April 15

Birds of Winterthur

Enjoy a leisurely stroll through field and woodland edges to observe bird species and activity. Please wear walking shoes and bring your binoculars.


 April 22

Exploring Winterthur’s Historic Daffodils

The colorful daffodils throughout the Winterthur Garden date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. Join Linda Eirhart, director of horticulture and curator of plants, for a closer look at the color and size variations in the cultivars grown at Winterthur. Linda will identify the known cultivars, explain the classification system of daffodils, and invite you to examine the still-to-be-identified flowers.


 April 29

Identifying Spring Wildflowers

Please join garden guides Candy Dunson and Susan Smith in a walk to explore the March Bank and beyond to discover the spring flowers in bloom. Learn to identify them and hear about some of the history and the ideas behind how Henry Francis planted his garden.


 May 6

Azalea Woods: Interpretive Design Behind Azalea Plantings

Enjoy an easy stroll through Azalea Woods looking at Kurume azaleas in bloom and learn a little of the history of how they came to Winterthur.


 May 13

The Elusive Dove Tree

Winterthur’s dove tree is an example of H. F. du Pont’s passion for collecting—in the garden. Considered rare in China, this mysterious tree was brought back to the West by the great plant explorer E. H. Wilson near the turn of the 19th century. Our specimen was the first to flower in the United States. Join us and find out more about this beautiful and unusual specimen.


 May 20

Tree Planting: Your Tree’s Best Chance for Survival

They always say “start ’em off right ”! Why not come and enjoy a hands-on demonstration on how to properly plant and start your new tree off on the right foot! Most future tree issues can be traced back to improper planting or poor care of a tree when it is young! Save yourself loads of time and money in the future by learning the steps to properly plant your tree! We will also discuss a few tips to care for your tree in the first few vital years after planting!


 May 27

The Restoration of the Quarry Weirs

Below the Quarry Bridge is a series of waterfalls, or weirs, that carry the water from the Quarry to the ponds. Come and see a brief presentation of the restoration process, then join Carol Long, associate curator of the garden, for a walk to see the newly restored area in person.


 June 3

Fantastic Ferns

Hundreds of different ferns can be grown in our gardens. They range from inches high to four feet tall, evergreen to deciduous, and basic green to shades of silver and red. Join Linda Eirhart, director of horticulture and curator of plants, on a stroll today to discover a dozen that are easy to identify and easy to grow. Walks last 45–60 minutes.


 June 10

Garden Objects

Join Assistant Conservator Lauren Fair and Estate Supervisor Rob Plankinton for a walking tour and discussion about Winterthur’s Garden Objects. They will be discussing current, future and completed projects along with conservation practices


 June 17

The Art of Drying Flowers

Join garden guide Terry Colonna for a hands-on demonstration on flower drying. Terry will use the same techniques as they dry flowers for the Yuletide Tree displayed at Winterthur. Each participant will learn several tips to insure success with flower drying as they prepare their own flower to take home.


 June 24

Perennials of Icewell Terrace

Join horticulturist Jessica Tsakiris on a walk through Icewell Terrace as she describes the shade-loving perennials that reside there.


 July 1


Initially conceived by H. F. du Pont’s father, the Colonel, in collaboration with the noted plantsman Charles Sargent, the Pinetum has evolved into much more than just a collection of conifers. Placement and design of the plants there and well as their history will be highlighted on this walk.


 July 8

Garden Restoration at Winterthur

Over the past years, we have been replanting and restoring the design intent of the Winterthur Garden as envisioned by its creator, H. F. du Pont. Join Linda Eirhart, director of horticulture and curator of plants, to learn more about our process for garden restoration and to review examples of our work. Talk lasts 45–60 minutes.


 July 15


Groundcovers are low-growing plants used to cover bare ground and prevent the growth of weeds. They also can be useful in problem areas, such as slopes where mowing grass would be difficult. They’re useful in any garden—public or private—and they provide an ornamental layer as well. There are many groundcovers available. Some do well even in full shade, others in bright sun, in wet soil, under dry soil conditions, where deer are a problem, and many are practically disease resistant. Come for a walk through the Winterthur Garden and see how the horticulturists put groundcovers to work.


 July 22

Meet Winterthur’s Goats

In August 2014, Winterthur gained two new residents—Franklin and Stanley, a pair of Boer goats. The Natural Lands team acquired these two friendly fellows from the New Castle County 4-H program and will be using them to reduce the densities of various woody invasive plants throughout our woodlands. Come out to meet Franklin and Stanley in person, feed them some treats, and learn how goats are gaining popularity across the country as an effective invasive plant management tool and how Winterthur plans to use them!


 July 29

Inside the Intern’s Garden

Join Winterthur horticulturist David Schurr, as he welcomes the true movers and shakers of the Winterthur Garden—the summer garden interns. Hear first-hand accounts of what a summer is like living and working on an American treasure.

 September 2

Digital Camera Photography

Learn some new tips and old tricks for photographically capturing the beauty of a garden. Jeannette Lindvig will kick-start your passion for photographing flowers and nature. Join her for September second's Wednesdays at Winterthur as Jeannette introduces you to the joys of digital garden photography, with a talk at the Brown Horticultural Center, followed by a walk in the garden. Be sure to bring your camera!


 September 9

Entertaining at Winterthur in the 1920s to 1940s

This illustrated talk on the history of country house parties at Winterthur draws on archival images and explores both the “upstairs” and “downstairs” aspects of entertaining on a large scale, from the arrival of the guests through the many weekend activities. Join us following the talk for a walk to the Reflecting Pool and back past the Coach House


 September 16

Flower Pounding

The vivid colors of flowers and leaves can be transferred onto paper by pounding them in order to release their natural dyes. Join horticulturists Suzanne French and Amy Bloom-Mountz to learn how to make beautiful botanical cards and prints by using this simple technique.


 September 23

Walk through the Meadow Paths

As fall brings a variety of color, take a walk on the field pathways to enjoy the asters and goldenrod varieties and observe the wildlife that inhabit these areas. Please wear hiking shoes and bring a camera.


 September 30

Mapping the Winterthur Garden

Winterthur is updating the mapping of the garden and its plants by converting it to a Geographic Information System (GIS). All of the roads, contour lines, streams, and buildings have been mapped, as well as almost all the plants. Come join Lori Schnick, our plant mapping specialist, to learn how we are creating digital maps and how we will use them to enhance management, education, and outreach in the garden.


October 7

A Walk to Browns Woods

Join us on some trails to add to your walking options as you explore the Winterthur estate. Be sure to wear sturdy footwear as some of the terrain is uneven.


October 14

Gift from the Garden: Bring Quince Fruit into the Kitchen

Flowering quince (Chaenomeles sp.) are not only beautiful spring flowering plants but also prolific producers of fruit. Join Carol Long, associate curator of the garden, as she offers some “tips from the kitchen” on how to cook with this fruit.


 October 21

Four Favorite Fall-Flowering Shrubs

Join horticulturists Leigh Donnelly and Michele Christiano on a walking tour of four of their favorite fall-blooming shrubs. They will discuss the seasonal interest, maintenance, and plant placements of these seasonally unique plants.


 October 28

Arranging with Dried Flowers from the Garden

Giving your home bit of interest for the fall isn't that difficult at all.
Lois Lawton will use end-of season plant material from your garden to
add unique interest to your autumnal arrangements and displays.



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