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Winterthur's Licensed Gift Partners

Courtesy of Andrea by Sadek

Andrea by Sadek

Founded in 1936 by Norman and Charles Sadek, Andrea by Sadek continues to be operated by the Sadek family.  A leader in the gift, tableware and home furnishings industries, Andrea by Sadek is known for an exceptional taste level and unique products.  Andrea by Sadek has selected colorful, timeless designs from the collection at Winterthur to use as inspiration for exquisite table and giftware for today’s homes. 

Winterthur licensee since 1986.

Courtesy of Caspari


Caspari is a higly respected publisher of exquisitely designed and printed paper products, with a reputation earned over the past 60 years by reproducing the work of established artists and museums from around the world. Drawing from design resources in Winterthur’s museum, garden, and library, Caspari’s Winterthur products beautifully capture the color, design, and elegance of the originals.

Winterthur licensee since 1986.

To place order for Winterthur Licensed products, call Winterthur Museum Bookstore at 1.800.448.3883 x4707    


Courtesy of Chamart Limoges

Chamart Limoges

Created in the 1950s to bring French porcelains to the United States, Chamart earned its reputation for exquisite, hand-painted Limoges boxes in the 1960s. Today the company continues to build its collection of Limoges boxes while expanding its offerings to include decorative furnishings for the home. Chamart’s collection of hand-painted porcelain boxes and tableware based on designs found at Winterthur reflect Chamart and Winterthur’s shared commitment to beauty, attention to detail, and exceptional quality.

Winterthur licensee since 2010.

To place order for Winterthur Licensed product, call Winterthur Museum Stores at 1.800.448.3883 x4822             

Courtesy of Designer Stencils

Designer Stencils

Designer Stencils has been in business since 1982 to offer creative and stylish options for home decorating. More recently Designer Stencils added a line of culinary stencils to offer anyone the ability to create beautifully decorated cakes, pies, and cookies. Their Winterthur stencils, available for the home decorator or cook, help transform any surface into a stylish work of art. 

Winterthur licensee since 2003.

To place order for Winterthur Licensed products, call the Winterthur Museum Stores at 1.800.3448.3883 x4822  


Courtesy of The Essamplaire

The Essamplaire

The Essamplaire specializes in authentic reproduction sampler kits and charts based on examples from some of the world's finest textile collections.  The Winterthur reproduction samplers are created after visiting the museum and spending hours with the originals, matching colors and materials as close as possible.

Winterthur licensee since 2007.

To place order for Winterthur Licensed products, call Winterthur Museum Stores at 1.800.448.3883 x4707    

Courtesy of The Examplarery

The Examplarery

Joanne Harvey founded The Examplarery to provide the discriminating needleworker with reproductions worked in the authentic manner of counted thread embroidery. The Examplarery offers needlework kits based on needlework in the collection of Winterthur museum, aiming to capture all the beauty and fine craftsmanship found in the refined antiques.

Winterthur licensee since 2001.

To place order for Winterthur Licensed product, call Winterthur Museum Store at 1.800.448.3883 x4707   

Courtesy of Fox Chapel Publishing

Fox Chapel Publishing

Founded in 1991, Fox Chapel Publishing is one of the world's leading resources for woodworking books and magazines.  The company publishes two magazines, more than 200 book titles; and distributes more than 1,000 woodworking books from other publishers around the world.  Their Winterthur Style Sourcebook, Traditional American Rooms, offers an in-depth look at the historic woodwork at Winterthur.

Winterthur licensee since 2008.  


Courtesy of Galison


Since 1979, Galison has offered well-designed and manufactured paper products based on imagery found in museums or created by designers. Selecting colorful and interesting designs from the resources in the Winterthur collection, Galison has created a line of handsome, high-quality stationery and paper products that recall the sophistication of Henry Francis du Pont’s Winterthur home. 

Winterthur licensee since 1989.

To place order for Winterthur Licensed products, call Winterthur Museum Store at 1.800.448.3883 x4707     

Courtesy of Rolf Glassware

Rolf Glass

Rolf Glass is a U.S. glass decorating manufacturer, a market leader in quality tabletop giftware and personalized gifts. Rolf Glass is known for unique, original, quirky, designs on high-quality glassware. Each product line puts a distinctive twist on contemporary glass, adding a touch of fun to the table and creating "where'd you find that?" conversation in every Rolf Glass household.  Every piece of Rolf Glass is part of a long, storied history of Western Pennsylvania glassmaking. The location of the manufacturing plant is a symbol of Rolf Glass's dedication to keeping the glass industry thriving in Western Pennsylvania and America. Rolf Glass gifts and tabletop products for Winterthur were inspired by the rich and diverse Winterthur design resources.

Winterthur Licensee since 2010

To place an order for Winterthur Licensed Products, call Winterthur Museum Stores at 1.800.448.3883 x4822.



Courtesy of Thomas Glenn Collection

Thomas Glenn Ornaments

Thomas Glenn decorative ornaments are hand crafted using only the highest quality products and care.  Designed by the artist, Thomas Glenn, each ornament is hand-made under his direction in Europe. Finding inspiration in the Winterthur museum, garden, and library, Thomas Glenn’s Winterthur Collection is a colorful, unique line of ornaments that enliven any interior.

Winterthur licensee since 2009.

To place order for Winterthur Licensed product, call Winterthur Museum stores at 1.800.448.3883 x4822    

Courtesy of Salisbury

Salisbury, Inc.

Salisbury, Inc. has been producing fine, hand-crafted silver and pewter products since 1979. Located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the family owned company is committed to creating collections that capture the spirit of American life. Finding inspiration in the traditional forms and designs at Winterthur, Salisbury’s artisans have created a line of Winterthur products that preserve the essence of the original museum pieces.   

Winterthur licensee since 2009.

To place order for Winterthur Licensed product, call Winterthur Museum Store at 1.800.448.3883 x4822    


Courtesy of Scott Potter Designs

Scott Potter

Made in his studio in Portland, Maine, Scott Potter’s handmade decoupage reflects the artist’s eye for the refined and dramatic. Carefully selected prints are interestingly arranged and adorned with gold, platinum, and colored gilding on handmade papers from around the world. Inspired by beautifully colored images from the Winterthur Library, decoupage artist Scott Potter has created an appealing new collection of decoupage decorative accessories. 

Winterthur licensee since 2010.

To place order for Winterthur licensed product, call Winterthur Museum Stores at 1.800.448.3883 x4822       

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