On December 6, the Winterthur Galleries will close to the public at 4:00 pm.

On-Site Middle & High School Programs


American Decorative Arts

Grades 6–12

Explore the characteristics of decorative arts and furniture styles popular from 1640 to 1860. Students handle and examine objects and take a tour through period rooms to observe design history and principles. Ideal for history, visual art, art history, interior design, and home economics students.

Program length: 2 hours

Maximum 45 students

Reinforces Delaware Standards: Visual Arts 4, 5, 6; History 1, 2

Reinforces ELA Common Core Standards: RH9-10.9, RH11-12.1, RH11-12.7; RI11-12.3; SL11-12.1, SL11-12.4


Ritual and Revolution: The Importance of Tea

Grades 6–12

Students discover how Colonial America’s ritual of tea drinking helped create the social, economic, and political forces that played a role in the Revolution. Investigate 18th-century life through tea drinking and discover tea’s social rituals, political symbolism, and economic power. Includes a primary-source activity relating to the Boston Tea Party.

Program length: 1¾ hours

Reinforces Delaware Standards: Civics 1, 4; Economics 1, 4; Geography 4; History 2, 3, 4; Visual Arts 4, 5, 6

Reinforces ELA Common Core Standards: RH11-12.1, RH11-12.2, RH11-12.6, 11-12.7


AP Chemistry Days (New in 2015!)

AP Chemistry Students

Looking for something to do with your students after the AP Exams? Take a field trip to Winterthur! Students will meet with art conservators, explore our Scientific Research and Analytical Lab, and participate in hands-on activities while learning about the interdisciplinary field of art conservation.

Program length: 1 to 2 hours

2015 AP Chemistry Days will be May 14-15 and May 19-20

Maximum 50 students


Discover the Science of Museum Collections (New in 2015!)

Grades 9–12

Meet with art conservators at the museum and explore their role in caring for collections. Through hands-on activities students discover the behind-the-scenes world that uses the sciences to keep our historic objects safe for generations to come! Ideal for science, chemistry, and art students.

Program length: 2 hours

Maximum 72 students

Reinforces Next Generation Science Standards: HS-PS1, HS-PS3, HS-PS4


East Egg, West Egg

Grades 9-12

Tour the home of Henry Francis du Pont and compare and contrast his lifestyle with that of a few of his contemporaries: the major characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel The Great Gatsby. This program can also be readily adapted to a 45-minute in-class experience. 

Program length: 2 hours

Available March-October

Reinforces Delaware Standards: History 1-4; Visual Arts 3, 4, 6 

Reinforces ELA Common Core Standards: RH11-12.1; RH11-12.9; RL11-12.1; RI9-10.3; W11-12.2

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