• Yuletide house tours sold out for Saturday, November 22 and December 6. Limited tickets for Costumes of Downton Abbey still available.
• No house tours will be offered 11/11 - 11/21/14. Tickets to Costumes of Downton Abbey are available for purchase.

Conservation Department


Lois Olcott Price, Director of Conservation

Fran Wilkins, Administrative Assistant

Phone: 302.888.4633
FAX: 302.888.4838
email: fwilki@winterthur.org



Books, Manuscripts & Ephemera

  • Chela Metzger, Conservator of Library Materials
  • Aleksandra Berger, Conservation Assistant


  • Jim Schneck, Photographer and Image Management Specialist

Furniture and Wooden Objects

  • Mark Anderson, Senior Furniture Conservator
  • Dr. Stephanie Auffret,  Associate Furniture Conservator


  • Mack Truax, Conservation and Lighting Design Coordinator 

Objects (metals, ceramics, glass and organic materials)

  • Bruno Pouliot, Senior Objects Conservator
  • Luaren Fair, Assistant Objects Conservator


  • Mary McGinn, Paintings Conservator


  • Joan Irving, Paper Conservator

Preservation Housing 

  • Aleksandra Berger, Conservation Assistant

Preventive Conservation

  • Matthew A. Mickletz, Preventive Conservation Supervisor
  • William Smith, Joshua Baumann, Teresa Garcia, Preventive Conservation Aides

Scientific Research and Analysis Laboratory

  • Dr.Jennifer Mass, Senior Scientist
  • Catherine Matsen, Associate Scientist


  • Joy Gardiner, Assistant Director of Conservation and Senior Textile Conservator
  • Dr. Joelle Wickens, Associate Textile Conservator
  • William Donnelly, Conservation Assistant


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