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Formerly known as Wednesdays at Winterthur, this behind-the-scenes series of walks, talks, and demonstrations on Wednesdays will introduce you to a garden specialist who will share his or her insights and expertise about the Winterthur Garden and estate, its history, horticulture, or the environment. These events begin at 11:30 am on Wednesdays from April to October (except August) in the Brown Horticulture Learning Center. Members free. Included with admission.

Walks last 45-60 minutes.No reservations necessary. Dress for the weather and wear walking shoes.


April 5

Color in the Early Spring Garden

Take an early spring walk through the Winterhazel Garden with horticulturist Michelle Stapleford. Discover the beauty of cool, yellow-green winterhazels mixed with the warm lavender of early rhododendrons–a striking color combination that was among Mr. du Pont’s favorites! Garden walk.


April 12

The March Bank: A Horticultural Treasure

The March Bank in all its glory is a stunning display of flowering bulbs and wild nature in harmony. Join horticulturist Amy Bloom-Mountz for a walk to the March Bank and learn about the significance of its abundant, eye-catching flora. Garden walk.


April 19

Winterthur and Delaware’s Pollinator Protection Plan

Pollinators are a key component of U.S. agriculture, but sadly they are facing multiple stresses including parasites, pesticide exposure, and habitat loss. Thalia Pappas, of the Delaware Department of Agriculture, will describe Delaware’s “Managed Pollinator Protection Plan,” part of a wider federal effort to protect the health and habitat of honeybees and native pollinators. Learn how Winterthur’s meadows are playing an important role in protecting pollinators. Garden talk.


April 26

Garden Design Duo: H. F. du Pont and Marian Cruger Coffin

Henry Francis du Pont’s earliest collaboration in building his museum was with Bertha King Benkard, and in his garden, his chosen design partner was Marian Cruger Coffin, one of America’s first female landscape architects. Indeed, Mr. du Pont was gender-blind when seeking advice from the experts! Join us for an exploration of this productive partnership. Following the 30-minute presentation, take a guided walk through the Sundial Garden and East Terrace—two lasting examples featuring the design work of this dynamic duo. Garden walk and talk.


May 3

Putting the Historic Garden on the Map

Thanks to a generous grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Winterthur Garden staff are busy at work inventorying and mapping the woody plants in the Winterthur Garden, updating plant records, and geo-referencing key historic maps. The ultimate goals include making Winterthur’s “living collection” available online. Mapping Specialist Lori Schnick and Plant Records intern Cole Larson-Whittaker will discuss all aspects of their exciting work. Come hear about this giant undertaking from the professionals on the front lines! Garden walk and talk.

 May 10

Amazing Azaleas: Getting to Know the Kurume Hybrids

Join horticulturist Susan Sibley for an easy stroll through Azalea Woods to examine the many beautiful examples of Kurume hybrid azaleas. Learn all about their history and see the special color combinations up close that make Azalea Woods such an amazing destination in spring. Garden walk.


 May 17

Destination: Quarry Garden

H.F. du Pont found a creative way to re-purpose a once active rock quarry on the estate into one of Winterthur’s most unique garden areas. Join horticulturist Jim Pirhalla for a walk to the Quarry Garden, where you will discover a rich history and gain new appreciation for a garden conceived in the 1960s during Mr. du Pont’s twilight years. Garden walk.


May 24

Plants from China: A Living Museum

From Winterthur’s famous dove tree, among the first of its kind to bloom in this country, to the often-overlooked beauty, the seven-son-flower, Chinese plants abound in the Winterthur Garden. On this walk with Winterthur Garden guide Fair Bauernschmidt, see examples of plants that—akin to the porcelain and other Chinese objet d’art on display in the museum— represent a priceless collection! Garden walk.

 May 31

Discover Winterthur's Past in Enchanted Woods

Remnants of Winterthur’s past, including architectural fragments, columns, and gates, are found throughout Enchanted Woods. Join horticulturist Suzanne French to discover how these elements were masterfully used in the creation of one of this country’s most magical and unique children’s gardens. Garden walk.


June 7

The Art of Beekeeping—Winterthur Style!

Join beekeeper Chris Biondi for a behind-the-scenes look at managing honeybees and honey production on the Winterthur Estate. Following the 30-minute presentation, guests are invited to take a hayride out to the hives to see beekeeping in action! Garden walk and talk.


June 14

Fabulous Ferns   

Hundreds of different types of ferns can be grown in our gardens. They range from a few inches high to four feet tall, evergreen to deciduous, and from basic green to shades of silver and red. Join Linda Eirhart, director of horticulture and curator of plants, on a stroll through the Winterthur Garden and discover a dozen ferns that are both easy to identify and easy to grow. Garden walk.


June 21

Garden Insider: What’s a Folly?

In 2018, the Winterthur Garden will be hosting its first outdoor exhibition, Follies: The Architecture of Whimsy.  Not sure just what that will look like?  Join Carol Long, associate curator of the garden, to find out more. Garden walk.


June 28

Garden Insider: Assessing Winterthur’s Pollinators

Join Don Coats, retired veterinarian and avid advocate of native pollinator habitat, for a presentation about the exciting work of Winterthur's bee watchers, a dedicated new group of garden volunteers. Learn about their 2016 assessment of the pollinator habitat in Brown's Woods Meadow. Asserting that native bees need native plants, Dr. Coats will inspire you to make your own mini-meadow or native flower garden right at home! Garden talk.

July 5

Weeds! Your Garden's Dirty Secret

Horticulturist Jessica Tsakiris will shed some light on common weeds that may be invading your garden. Learn how to identify, prevent, and remedy these unwelcome intruders! Garden talk.


July 12

Gentlemen Farmers and Estate Farm Buildings

H. F. du Pont was one of the most accomplished gentleman farmers of his day. In this presentation by Director of Interpretation and Estate Historian Jeff Groff, you will learn more about the history of this elite group of farmers, the state-of-the-art facilities they created, and their involvement in exclusive organizations such as the Farmers’ Club. Garden talk.


July 19

In Living Color—Winterthur's Lost Garden through Autochrome Photography

The Winterthur Library’s collection of autochromes, the first industrially produced color photographs, provides horticulturists with a valuable glimpse into Mr. du Pont’s early design aesthetic. In particular, their portrayal between 1910 and 1921 of a lavish, formal flower garden at Winterthur is particularly priceless in that this garden no longer exists today. Join Assistant Curator of Education Erica Anderson for a sampling of historical images picturing this lost garden and then go on-site to investigate the garden’s original location and see remnants from its colorful past. Garden talk and walk.


July 26

Inside the Interns' Garden

Winterthur's horticulture interns share  their behind-the-scenes experiences in the Winterthur Garden in this conversational-style presentation, one that has become an annual tradition! This year, come hear about some of the unique projects and research that the interns have been pursuing during their time at Winterthur. Garden talk.



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