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Formerly known as Wednesdays at Winterthur, this behind-the-scenes series of walks, talks, and demonstrations on Wednesdays will introduce you to a garden specialist who will share his or her insights and expertise about the Winterthur Garden and estate, its history, horticulture, or the environment. These events begin at 11:30 am on Wednesdays from April to October (except August) in the Brown Horticulture Learning Center. Members free. Included with admission.

Walks last 45-60 minutes.No reservations necessary. Dress for the weather and wear walking shoes.


September 6

Butterflies of Winterthur

Pauline Myers, Winterthur Garden volunteer and Penn State master gardener, will discuss butterflies—beautiful, mobile parts of the garden. We'll review the life cycle of butterflies, see photos of some that visit the Winterthur Garden, and learn about how the garden supports these magnificent, living works of "garden art.” Garden talk.

September 13

Lost Treasure—Winterthur's Former Cutting Garden

In addition to 22 Greenhouses, Henry Francis du Pont relied upon a 4-acre cut-flower garden to ensure a steady supply of flowers for arrangements to complement his room displays. The cutting garden was tended by 15 gardeners and held some 160 species and varieties of lilies alone. After a 15-minute presentation including historic photos, join us for a guided walk to explore what remains of Winterthur’s cutting garden. Garden walk and talk.


September 20

Turf Equipment 101

See what it takes to keep over 1,000,000 square feet of turf maintained throughout the year. Estate Horticulturist Frank Quinnette will show you the equipment and give you a few tips on turf care.

September 27

Ornamenting the Winterthur Garden

Join Assistant Conservator Lauren Fair and Estate Supervisor Rob Plankinton for a discussion and walking tour featuring Winterthur’s garden ornaments. Completed, ongoing, and future projects, along with conservation practices, will be covered. Garden walk and talk.



October 4

What Ails Your Trees?

Join Garden and Estate Arborist Kevin Braun in uncovering some of today’s most common ailments of our wonderful tree canopy. There are many different insects, diseases, and even manmade issues that endanger our trees today! Everything from signs, symptoms, and even possible management plans will be discussed. Come out and learn how to save a tree! Garden talk.


October 11

Walking on the Winterthur Estate

Join us on some trails to add to your walking options as you explore the Winterthur estate. Be sure to wear sturdy footwear as some of the terrain is uneven. Garden walk.


October 18

Getting to Know the Pinetum

Join horticulturist Joe Lazorchak for a walk through the Pinetum. While known for its conifers, there is also quite a bit of colorful autumnal interest within this “evergreen plantation” started by Colonel Henry Algernon du Pont a century ago. Garden walk.


October 25

 Into the World of Land Art

What place does land art, often associated with contemporary art, have in an historic garden like Winterthur? Join Horticulturist Suzanne French and Assistant Curator of Education Erica Anderson for a look into the fascinating world of outdoor art that takes nature as its subject. Following the 20-minute presentation, guests are invited to help create a group land art installation in the Winterthur Garden! Garden talk and demo.



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