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"A Winterthur Primer" and Antiques & Fine Art Magazine


Since 2005 a special arrangement has existed between Winterthur and the magazine Antiques & Fine Art.  For each issue of the magazine, a Winterthur staff member provides an article for the series entitled "A Winterthur Primer."  Links to many of these articles may be viewed below.



"Revealing Restorations Through Analysis And Collaboration"



"Rethinking The Origin Of An Early Silkwork Picture"

"A Woman Lithographer In Nineteenth-Century New York"

"Early American Trade Cards"

"Nothing To Sneeze At: Commemorative Handkerchiefs For The American Market"



"Worsted Pattern Books Of Norwich, England"

"Elegant Eighteenth-Century Flower Vases"

"Matchsafe Mysteries Illuminated"

"A Colorful Folk: Pennsylvania Germans And The Art Of Everyday Life"

"Drawn With Spirit: Pennsylvania German Fraktur"

"Silent Companions"



"Chinese Export Wares In An Americana Collection"

"Needlework and Their Frames: Multimedia Objects"


"Faux Fraktur"

"Needlework and Their Frames: Multimedia Objects"



"'My Dear Mr. Du Pont...' Connoisseurship of Maps at Winterthur"

"Stretch: America's First Family of Clockmakers"

"Stamps or Stencils?"

"Common Destinations: Maps in the American Experience"

"Arriving in Style: Winterthur's 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom I"



"Scratching the Surface of American Painted Tinware"

"Mirth & Friendship: A Celebration of Humor and Alcoholic Beverages"

"The Furniture Designs of Gillow and Company"

"Easter at Winterthur"

"Engraving the Character of Artisans"

"American Blues: Celebrating a Nation"



"Pastors and Patriots, the Muhlenberg Family of Pennsylvania"

"Getting a Handle on Silver Spoon Decoration"  

"Blooming Beauties - A Garden of Antiques" 

"Weathervane Finish Analysis" 

"Blue and White Resist-Printed Textiles" 

"Shaker Jesse Patchen's Account Book" 

"Paint, Pattern & People: Furniture of Southeastern Pennsylvania, 1725–1850" 

"A Metamophosis: The Changing Nature of Fraktur Studies" 



"Revealed: A Lost Illustration by N. C. Wyeth" 

 “Reverse Paintings on Glass”

 “X-Radiography Examination of an Embroidered Coat of Arms”

 “English Regency Wrought Iron Furniture” 



“The John and Carolyn Grossman Collection”

“Decoding a Historic Map”

“Taste or Technology? Changing Silver Borders”

“American Portraits in Pastel”

“Mocha and Dipped Wares: Combining Fashion and Fancy” by Leslie B. Grigsby (Winter/Spring 2009): 286–87.



“Decoration for the Everyday: Iron Cooking Utensils of the Early American Kitchen”

“Cleaning Painted Surfaces”



“Invisible to the Eye: The Scientific Analysis of Decorative and Fine Art”

“A Look at Fabrics on Early American Quilts”

“The Winterthur Library: An Invaluable Resource”

“A Timely Discovery: The Story of Winterthur’s Jacob Graff Clock”



“Acquiring and Researching Portraits”

“Underglaze Blue English Transfer-Printed Earthenware” by Patricia Halfpenny. (August/September 2006): 190–91.

“Alight with Style: Candlesticks of the 17th and 18th Centuries”



“English Creamware: A Colonial American Passion” by Leslie B. Grigsby. (Autumn 2005): 218–19.

“What is Original?” by Wendy A. Cooper. (6th Anniversary 2005): 272–73.

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